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10 thing you don't (care to) know about Redface

Hey lookit, a blawg post. This a very particular blog post. it's about me. Things you don't know me. I figured I would write this blog post because 1) it seems like the cool thing to do and 2) I figure as far as first blog posts go, you could do a lot worse. So what do you want to know about me?

First off, My real name is Noah Rodriguez. I live in Bridgeport, CT and am 17-years-old. As you can see, unlike others my age, I don't type like a dipshit.

My first video game system was a Sega Genesis. It was a gift for my third birthday, so I like to think that I'm as hardcore as they come.

My handle, Redface, is derived from my rosy cheeks. It can also be interperted as an off-handed reference to my Cuban heritage.

I do not care for Harry Potter. I do, however, own all of the books (sans Goblet of Fire. It's here somewhere.), a Harry Potter Trivia game, a Harry Potter Wizard Chess™ set, and all of the movies that are available on DVD.

I am absolutely in love with the Atlanta-based Metal band Mastodon. They are my favorite band, and I even have a poster signed by all the members of the band.

My aspirations are to become a stage actor once I finish getting my education. I love being an actor and being onstage and am currently involved in a production of The Importance of Being Earnest.

I have a guitar, which I was inspired to start learning to play because of my love affair with Rock Band 2. So far, I know a few chords, the minor penatonic scale, and Ode to Joy.

I think Equilibrium starring Christian Bale is the greatest movie ever. I am usually right about most things.

I have a startling obsession with Facebook.

I think you guys are pretty cool cats. I plan on commenting and blogging more, just cause I lurve you guys ;D

pic related. It's me.
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About Jim Heineone of us since 1:32 PM on 08.19.2007

Name: Noah "Motherfuckers can't touch his style" Rodriguez
Game: Bringing the ruckus
D.O.B: August 6th, 1991.
Hometown: Bridgeport, Connecticut
Ladies: I am indeed single ;D

Height: The Tallest Boy in the World
Weight: Like, a lot.
Hair: lighter than leather
Eyes: Black as the void
I'd be really happy: If anyone were to catch that ESIV: Oblivion reference.

Food: Is delicious. I like Steak and anything with cheese the best.
Beef Jerky: Is the manliest snack in the world.
Beverage: I am quite partial to the bubbled sugar waters, a.k.a. Soda Pop. My current poisons: Pepsi, Mountain Dew (Regular, Voltage, Baja Blast, Code Red), Diet Coke, Cream Soda.
Candy: Yes, please.

Music: Metal and Hip-hop, and everything in between.
David Bowie: is the fucking man.
Greatest Band Ever: Mastodon
Best Rapper Alive: MF DOOM
My Guitar: Her name is Lorelei.

Sports: Football. American Football.
Team: New England Patriots.
Hockey: Sucks

Superhero: Batman, who can whip Superman anyday.
Supervillain: Skeletor from He-Man.
Superpower: The Power Cosmic, because why just settle for one?
Transforming Robot: Voltron. Michael Bay ruined Transformers for me.
Super Crew: The Avengers, because when you think about it, The JLA is nothing more than a Bureaucracy for Superheros. That's Lame.

Gaming: is life.
Genres: Platformers, Action/Adventure, First and Third Person Shooters, Music & Rhythm, Fighters & Beat'em Ups, Shmups, Puzzlers.
Currently Playing: Spider-Man: Edge of Time, Captain America: Super Soldier
Systems: Xbox 360 (They call it that cause when you see it you'll turn 360 degrees and walk away DURR HURR HURR IT'S SO FUNNY IT DOESN'T HAVE TO MAKE SENSE!), PSDouble, DS. Collection is growing, don't you worry.
Psychonauts: is overrated, and you made it that way by not shutting the fuck up about it.

Picture of Me?: Thought you would never ask.
Xbox LIVE:Jim Heine
Steam ID:Jim Heine


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