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About RedNEXUSone of us since 4:07 AM on 10.18.2007

Name: Gregory Hall
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Nationality: English
Picture: (Coming Soon)

A proper British lad, I'm that annoying guy who always manages to jam his way out death in games without quite deserving it. I'm a moderate player who has started to choose harder game difficulties from the outset. I proudly boast that I've managed to get to the fifth level of Contra 3 (hard difficulty) and am currently challenging the rockness of Ghosts & Goblins. There isn't any particular genre of games that I stick to but I prefer original, artsy and involving games. I love comedy but despite my sense of humour I suck at trying to be funny. Music is my lifeblood, I can always be found with my Ipod playing the loudest heaviest music I can find. I consider myself an okay writer but that comes purely from the fact that I avoid both 1337 5P33K and Txt Spkk. Although to be honest, thatís probably just because I'm not hardcore enough to understand it. Out of all of the gaming stereotypes I guess I'm a cross between a Japanophile and a Collector. I love Japanese culture and hope to go there soon. I own 200 plus titles across multiple systems and love all of them. My favourite console is the original PS1, my favourite game changes with my mood but its usually either an Onimusha or a Final Fantasy. (More Soon)