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Which games would benefit from a Zelda weapon?

I am currently in the final stages of The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds; Iím one of those gamers that canít possibly take on the final boss if there is still a collectible out there. Each Zelda series has always been full of items and weapons, but when playing Link Between Worlds it really strikes me just how much item variety there is.†

This thought then manifested: why do Legend of Zelda games get so many tools and weapons, but other game characters are restricted to a pile of slightly different guns. Could a game or franchise be vastly improved by borrowing an item from Link? Below are a few suggestions to show you what I mean:

Call of Duty found the Power Glove!

Something has always bugged me about Nathan Drake. He is forever getting himself into situations where he must take on countless soldiers, with stealth or with bullets, but never tries to make his life easier. He knows how to sneak up on his enemies, but forces himself to wrestle each one to the ground like a barbarian.

Now if Drake had Linkís Boomerang, thereíd be no need for brute force. One throw and the unknowing guard takes a knock-out blow to the head. This boomerang has a special feature Ė it will return to the user even if they move! No matter where Drake goes, this awesome item will find a way back to him.

This isn't just a weapon either. Linkís Boomerang can pick up items on its flight. Drake can take out a guard and pick up desperately needed ammo without leaving cover!

What are your thoughts?

Would Linkís bag of tricks improve these games? Or would these items spoil the fun? What other games might benefit from a little Legend of Zelda inspiration?
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