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Candidates for the 選deal着 Melee Weapon

There are a lot of close combat weapons in video games, and everyone has their favourite. Some are ultimate weapons of power; some are versatile tools of destruction; some are iconic pieces of kit.

Last week, I asked if it was possible to find the most 選deal Melee Weapon something that could be pulled from its own game(s) and placed in the hands of any Player Character. If you want to see the comments and responses that followed, you can find them here. The distant hope was that amongst the all the discussion and debate, a sole item would rise to the surface.

This was a lofty wish. Whilst Links痴 Hookshot has been heralded as an ideal piece of equipment for any game, we seem more reluctant to admit that our favourite blade or club could be outmatched.


Whilst far from reaching a consensus, the comments following my optimistic question did begin to form some common ground. Whilst no one single weapon rose to the top of the pile, there was a reoccurring theme in many comments...

Simplicity is key.

Many of your comments argued that the most straightforward, basic weapons are crucial in close combat. Never mind powers, extra abilities, bonus features... the simple stabber or basic bopper makes the difference time and time again. Even though this idea excludes my own candidate for the 選deal Melee Weapon (the Wraith Blade from the Legacy of Kain series) I知 beginning to agree with this logic.

The simplest weapons allow any protagonist to pick them up and begin fighting straight away. In many games the melee weapon represents the last line of defence, so it makes sense that this should be something basic but reliable. Furthermore, we池e assuming that this melee weapon is being used in conjunction with Link痴 Hookshot. In combination with this tool, the most straightforward weapon becomes lethal, whether you are flying through the air towards your enemy or dragging them towards you. So, whilst more powerful, more elaborate, and more effective weapons may exist, the Ideal Melee Weapon might just be one of these three candidates:

1. The Combat Knife

The veteran of the group, the Combat Knife has appeared in a multitude of games, and disappeared into the torsos of a thousand different enemies time after time. Whether it痴 attack dogs, zombies, or zombie attack dogs, this is the weapon that saves us.

Then there痴 the sheer versatility. Without the knife in Red Dead Redemption or Assassin痴 Creed, you池e not going to getting any of those lovely pelts; wooden crates would remain unharmed in Resident Evil.

The Combat Knife is such a good candidate because it痴 already proven its worth in so many games. From Metal Slug to Far Cry, the normal knife makes for great protection.

2. The frying pan

Another 層eapon which has already made several appearances Super Smash Bros, Team Fortress 2 and Left 4 Dead were all examples raised. Whilst the Pan doesn稚 have the same lethality of the Combat Knife, it has one very important advantage over its pointier opponent: comedy value.

Whilst there are those of us that might take some delight in stabbing a bad guy or two, we can all enjoy the metallic clang of pan against our enemies cranium. I imagine that even the surly Kratos from God of War would crack a smile if he was offered Twin Pans to bop Minotaur with. Of course, the Pan doesn稚 have the same level of versatility as the Knife...unless you are making breakfast.

3. The FUBAR

This is not a weapon that has appeared in a video game...not yet. The FUBAR was raised as a contender because it encapsulates the best qualities of so many simple melee weapons. In my post that originally posed this question, I stated that the Red Faction Sledgehammer trumped the Half Life Crowbar and the Bioshock Wrench due to the level of force the Sledgehammer produced. A counter argument was posed: why can稚 we have the best of each?

So the FUBAR was sought out. A three foot Sledgehammer-Crowbar-Wrench combo. Versatile and powerful; satisfyingly simple and effective. Even the silent Gordon Freeman would squeak with delight if this was an option in video games.

What is the Ideal Melee Weapon?

The aim with my original query was bold. I asked you to reach a consensus where one could not really be found. There are so many quality close combat tools in video games so many of you put forward great arguments and equally great weapons that it makes it impossible to truly select a weapon that we could all agree is the 'best'. Just maybe though, the Ideal Melee Weapon is in the list of everyday items above. None of these weapons were born from games, but maybe, just maybe, the simplest weapon is the best. Whether the Player Character is a skilled killer or amateur warrior, these weapons could work in all situations. Remember that this discussion takes into account that Link痴 Hookshot would also be an Ideal tool for any character.

Your Thoughts?

I have one request of any ensuing comments. Whatever you wish to say, can you please include your candidate for Ideal Melee Weapon (it doesn稚 have to be from the selection above) and at least one sentence explaining why it should be every protagonists choice.

Comments like 土ou haven稚 mentioned... and 努hat, no love for...? are all well and good, but this is your chance to argue for the weapon which every player character could be given. The three candidates above were all selected because that was what they receive support from the majority of comments. If you think you池e Ideal weapon has been ignored, or a weapon suggested in the previous post has been excluded, make a case for it. I'm still hoping that we値l see the error of our ways and realise that the Wraith Blade is the real Ideal.

Sigh... either way, I will post the result next week. In the future, we値l see if we can add to the 選deal list, possibly looking for the Ideal Armour or Ideal Ranged Weapon.
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