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It's Been Awhile...

Hello, Dtoid, it's been awhile, haha.

I've been spending the past month or so upgrading and re-outfitting my Airsoft armory, so I haven't had a lot of time or money to spend on video games. Today's economy seriously doesn't help, either, but there's nothing I can do on that end except wish for better opportunities and pray that someone's listening.

The summer's oppressive heat has left me mostly lethargic and apathetic, but in order to hone my tactical prowess and prepare for the big ass-kicking I'm going to receive when I get back into the game, I've been playing Rainbow Six: Vegas 2. Mostly the Terrorist Hunt scenarios.

Now, I've said it before, and I'll say it again--I love customization, and Vegas 2 offers a whole mess of options as far as armor, camo, headgear, weapons, and weapons accessories goes (though I'll admit that some of the options are regretably lame). If you've got LIVE or you're playing it on the computer, you also have the option to take a snapshot of your face and use it on your character. How cool is that?

The story is pretty cool and pretty enthralling (a web of lies, deceit, and ass-kickery (yes, it's a word now), but I enjoyed the Terrorist Hunt missions a little more. They're not as linear, and don't require as much tactical prowess. I've managed to beat all of the levels on the casual and realistic difficulties, and recently I've been playing with friends to see who can kill the most terrorists while playing solo (there's the option of playing with two AI squadmates if you play single player, but you can turn that off at the mission start screen) on Realistic.

One of the interesting things about the enemy AI is that every now and again, they'll change up the way they spawn, so if you've gotten used to them doing something in a level, they'll eventually do something different. For instance, in the Villa, I used to be able to sit in the garage in the starting area and eliminate all 45 enemies as they came at me one to three at a time, but now they won't spawn unless I actually go into the house that makes up the main part of the map (and they kill me quickly each time--that house is seriously CQC and blindsiding opportunities, and that's about it).

Most of the maps are heavily CQC-oriented, which I find a little frustrating, since close quarters isn't my thing. There are a few that have more open areas, such as Import/Export and the Las Vegas Junkyard, but even these have a large amount of close-quarters areas (Murdertown is one of the best and worst CQC levels I've ever played in a video game).

Still, I enjoy playing it, and will continue to do so. I may upload a few videos eventually, as well, if I've got the time, haha.
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