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Shiny New Kill Smell Resident Evil 5 Trailer

More RE5 is always a good thing in my book. And that's exactly what you get out of this new trailer from the Games Convention 2008, in Leipzig, Germany. There's more evil, more killing, and more racism (Just kidding?) for you to feast you...


"This is hardcore bro!"

Hey dude in a band playing in a video game store. If you would have said that to me, you might have gotten a beat down. But on the other hand...you also qualified for one of the best lines of the week. Where's the love at my friends?


World War

I saw World War this morning...and I really did like it a lot. It was a glimpse into the future...and the future is in good hands. At least as it applies to the world of computer rendered 3D animation. It was created by Vincent Chai for ...


Not Ambiguously Gay

I was wandering down the Internets when I saw this YouTube. It was rather hard to miss. It's from a SNES game called Chou Aniki. I'm not sure if it's a game my friends and I would have gotten into back in the day...but I can't vouch for e...


Hacked PS3 Plays Games From HDD?

A hacker out of Germany called StreetskaterFU figured out a way to play games directly from the PS3's HDD, without the need of the actual blu-ray disc the game is on. And he dropped this little nugget off at the PS3Hax Network about 3 da...


Far Cry 2 Eye Candy

I don't know what it is my friends. Maybe it's just me? But I just can't seem to get enough info on Far Cry 2. Now if you don't believe me, you can just ask my psychiatrist about my obsession with porn...um...I mean this game. But I do h...


Virtual Reflections...snoitcelfeR lautriV

Virtual worlds. We have all journeyed to many of them over the course of our lives as video gamers. From the magical lands of Hyrule, all the way through the mean streets of Liberty City, we have traveled far and wide. But how about to th...


Pac Man: The Horror Movie

Here's a little late night horror movie for you. I always kind of wondered (Yes...I am that strange.) how the Ghosts felt as Pac Man attempted to eat them. Well my friends, this "movie" attempts to answer that burning question of mine. ...


The Inevitable Alliance is EPIC

I'm sort of pressed for time today, but I just had to share this video with you all before I take off. I wish my mere words could do justice to the fine stop-motion work that was done in this mini-epic. All I know, is that it must have b...


The Top 10 Most Difficult Games

A top 10 list of any kind can be so subjective. One person's experience playing a game will not be exactly the same as somebody else's. Having said that, I still think GameTrailers has put together a nice compilation of what they consider...


Sexy Time PS3 Laptop of Win

Okay, I want you to scope out one more thing today. And it's pretty damn sweet looking if you ask me. It's a PS3 Laptop created by a modder called the Pirate. This was dropped off in PS3HaX Network a few days ago, and hopefully from there...


LEGO my Donkey Kong Diorama

Come on in and check this out. You'll want to see this my friends. During a random discussion at the April NELUG (New England LEGO Users Group) meeting, Dan Kressin's wife Robyn, made the suggestion that led to this wonderful creation. A...


An Xbat 360 Elite in the wilds of Taiwan

Okay, for all I know those could just be decals or stickers on that encased Xbox 360 Elite. But it would be pretty damn sweet if Microsoft did officially come out with a limited edition version with the Dark Knight on it. This pic is fro...


The Force is Unleashed on an iPhone

I've never really played a video game on a cell phone. This playa is way too hardcore for that baby! But for those of you who do play a lot of games on your wireless, then I may have found just the video for you my friend. Although this ...


John Carmack Unplugged: Xbox 360 PS3

The PS3 vs. the Xbox 360. When it comes to debating the merits of one system against the other, I can easily hold my own against anyone I know. Whether it's the boys at work, or hanging out with friends, my game is as good as anybody's....


A Dark Void in my Future?

There's always a few games that seem to slip past me as the overflow of E3 information streams on down the pipelines of the Internet. And Capcom/Airtight Studios, Dark Void, may just be one of those missed games. I'm surprised I missed i...


Star Wars Episode IV: A New Halo

Did you ever wonder what would happen if the Master Chief battled a Jedi Master? If your answer to that was yes, then you probably have way too much free time there Skippy. But this video may also be right up your alley too. The video is...


Apple Inc. Presents: The IGOD

Hey everyone. I was about to head out for the evening. I have a good chunk of time off from work right now, and I want to make the most of it. But on my way out the door, I wanted to drop off one last thing. And I found this over at a pl...


A Bowser's Boys Bitchfest

Good evening Destructoid. Okay...I had an ice cold Killian in one hand. The opitical mouse in the other hand. And then I watched this here video from CollegeHumor. Now, this may be due to the fact that I've had more than one Killian, but ...


Mortal Kombat Will Challenge Them All

Okay, why don't we just cut to the chase here. "To me, Mortal Kombat vs. Street Fighter vs. Tekken vs. Virtua Fighter would be the coolest in the world." Those words didn't simply spew forth from the mouth of some internet fanboy, they ac...


Ghostbusters: The Hunter becomes the Hunted

This video clip I found should finally close the door on all of the discussion I've heard lately about the death of the Ghostbusters' video game. As a matter of fact, in this exclusive video, we get to see a never seen before boss battle....


Tr2n Teaser Trailer

This bootleg video was taken at the San Diego Comic Con. It's already a few days old, and I hadn't spotted it in here, so I thought I'd share it with those of you who still haven't seen it. I liked the first movie. I thought it had the p...


E3 2008: Five Without A Trace

E3 2008 is now over a week behind us. That thought caused me to wonder about some of the games that I actually wanted to hear more about during the massive media coverage that is E3. And sometimes during the blitz of information that is g...


ABC News' M-Rated Investigation

The Investigators. It brings to mind an old school team of 1940's superheroes led by the Shadow and the original Dark Knight. Hmm, that sounds kind of interesting to this comic book junkie. But rather they are an "investigative" reporting...


Ocarina For Sale

Hey Destructoiders, did you ever want to have your own Ocarina? Well...if the answer to that question was yes, then the folks over at ThinkGeek have just the product for you. According to the product features list, it's a real, playabl...


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