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Hello Everybody

Hello all I have never had a blog before, decided to get more social and web savy plus I met some of you at the latest magfest and had a bitching time. I am 25 years old, I live in Lorain, Ohio it is a small ghetto city twenty miles from cleveland. HERE WE GO BROWNIES!!!!! I am just getting back into college, but feeling stoked to learn. I love music and play guitar although im not very good. In high school i played linebacker in football was a frontman in a metal band smoked way to much pot and watched star wars way too many times my grades were god awful. I take refuge in the Buddha since then I have learned alot about myself and strive to live a quality life and truly appreciate things. Anywho damn glad to meet everybody and enjoy the picture of me as hobo Link.[img]
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I am currently serving and going back to school, not entirely sure what i actually want to do though. Born in 1987 the best year experts believe. I take refuge in the Buddha. I love Star wars, the Browns, Rockos modern life and being able to play video games without hearing constant nagging its fantastic!