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So I've been thinking about Nintendo a lot lately..

[DISCLAIMER: These are simply my thoughts on Nintendo, I do not claim to have any insider facts nor do I claim that this will happen, or is happening, I'm not a fanboy, I like Nintendo, I've owned every system and handheld they've ever created at one point or another, minus the virtual boy. This is just a slight rambling and sleep depraved look a the company. From my perspective.]

In this blog I hope to answer some questions, and express some of my own that have been bothering me lately.
I plan to go over several things here, explain my standpoint as a European gamer and where I see the company headed.

First, let me try and explain why (as I have come to believe) region locking exists and why nintendo are against importing.

As we all know, Nintendo has several departments under it's belts for each 'main' region, Nintendo Of America, Nintendo Of Japan and Nintendo of Europe being the main three (I believe there is others, I'm not entirely sure).
Each region deploys different marketing techniques and they all have their own forms of publishing (Nintendo Power, Official Nintendo mag, whatever Japanís equivalent is), Japan and Europe have their own separate fan clubs etc, however, they also handle region locking.
This is where we get to the crunch of the matter, why? All the money still goes to Nintendo if I buy Super Smash Bros Brawl for example, elsewhere, right?

Well the answer is very simple. None of that money goes into Nintendo Of Europe - as I understand it. Yes it's all part of the Nintendo tree - but this branch doesn't receive the same amount of sunlight as Nintendo Of America on the other side of the tree.
So how does nintendo counter-balance this? They create region locking. This restricts a lot of users from importing and gives each region an equal amount of chance to make money.
Now, A recent dilemma has been Super Smash Bros Brawl, for whatever reason, it will be delayed in Europe, so how does Nintendo counter-balance the potential loss in sales?
Simple. They release Two (admittedly) less anticipated games there earlier, which that region will snap up quickly which tides them over during the drought until they get brawl out there.

Now - I know, I know, I might be stating the obvious here, but you cannot imagine how many times I've seen people unable to grasp Nintendo's region locking.

But this again raises an interesting question, Why do Sony and Microsoft not suffer from the same problem?

I'm not entirely sure, my only explanation is that both Sony and Microsoft entered the Video Game industry much later than nintendo. That along with the fact Sony and Microsoft easily have far more disposable incomes because - as we sometimes forget - they are not solely console makers. Nintendo only make games, and sure, they have merchandise, but again, this stemmed out of games, I imagine getting a game translated and transferred takes a lot more time and funds to get done quickly.

This is all theory, My original theory was that because nintendo entered in a time when the only information you could get was via magazines thus had to make departments for each main-area, and now that those departments were created they werenít expendable, maybe they shot themselves in the foot when the internet boom came along, in fact, I'm quite certain they've done this in several ways, but I'll get to that later.

I'm sorry, I've seemed to rambled on a little here, so I'll quickly get to my next point.

Online play - and why Nintendo sucks at it.

Alright, I know I'm really being captain obvious right now, but hear me out. I believe Nintendo has the means to create the best online gaming environment, but they just don't know how to do it.

For the most part, Nintendo gamers are generally nice people, a lot of them are whiney and children, Yes, however the fan base is far more tame and (Sorry Microsoft) Intelligent than Xbox live.

Nintendo is having a hard time struggling with the idea of 'protecting the children' and 'Providing a good online service' and I don't personally believe that Nintendo will catch up to online gaming until an third party company steps in.

Which is where I believe Sega comes in.

The future of Nintendo/Possibility of Segtendo.
[There was a picture of sonic in brawl here but it was messing up my blog so I removed it]

Now, are you still with me? or are you already typing up an angry statement in the comments below?

It is my personal belief, as a former Sega Fanboy, that Sega and Nintendo will merge companies next generation. It is no secret that both companies have been very buddy-buddy as of late, with Sega releasing games - sometimes exclusively - on Nintendoís consoles, as well as Virtual console games. Throw in the recent Mario Vs Sonic game and a little bit of Sonic in brawl and it doesn't take much for gamers to jump to conclusions.

However, I actually have legitimate reasoning for my belief of 'Segtendo' coming to eventual fruitation, maybe not this generation, next generation is a definite possibility depending Nintendo's actions in this generation. Like I stated earlier, Nintendo is new to online play, (The quick witted have already guessed where I'm going with this) this fact is pretty much undisputed among gamers, the Wii's online service is poor at most, and the gamecube's was damn-near non-existent.
On the other hand, Sega created the first home console with (surprisingly good for the times) online functionality, there was a keyboard and everything! Maybe it's just the dead fanboy screaming out inside me, but I see this as Nintendo's only logical step if they want to get back in with the gamers. I personally think this will be during a dry spell of nintendo much like the death of the gamecube and for a while - a short while - Nintendo will only be making handheld games, probably on a new handheld-system which Sega will have no direct involvement with.

Anyway, I've rambled long enough, I'm going to go find pictures to put here so that people will actually read this, and I sincerely want some thoughts on my opinions, and I have but one question for you;

When you look at Nintendo, what do you see today?

I mean the current generation, take out the VC and act like you've never heard of Nintendo, and tell me what you see.

Honestly? I see a company that's struggling to understand that it still has fans from the old days and doesn't know how to accommodate them.

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