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Reaprar Recaps C-Blogs of 10/04/08

I was gunna wait another hour to post this, but fuck you I'm lazy and I'm going to go masturbate furiously to this creation of manliness.

After doing this for one day it really makes me appreciate what Sea-Ark does, this takes some amount of work, however, it made me read some things I normally would have overlooked, so thanks Ceark.

Uh, I don't really have a rant or anything, I might have one at another time in a video though, so look out for that, and otherwise, look at the bottom of the post for some post-recap entertainment.

Make sure to check out Scary Womanizing Pig Mask's blog for tomorrows's recap!


*- Michiyoyoshiku speaks the truth, great article and I enjoyed it, despite the wall of text you got going on.
*- Hamza be trippin' ballz. Seriously, he looks like he's stoned, or breathing green fire. Fuck. I want to breathe green fire.
*- Dan needs more recognition, he reviews the European VC releases every week, and does it well.
*-I love you.
*- Failcast > Everything. BUENOS DS LOLOLOLOL

S- Jack of no trades discovers evil goombas at his teatable.
S- Great Retro Quiz! results!
S- Dale loves him some junk food, mainly because he's fat.

C- CBlog Xbox Scavenger Hunt (Ends 4.31)
C- that audiosurf contest (Ends 5.2)
E- EDS announces the winner of 1600 MS points. Congrats GenericName2008.
E-ShawnKelfonne announcest the winner of his contest, congrats Shoop.

E- I hate Charlie, Jim should have taken me in his suitcase... Or under a moob. Either/or, I'm not really fussy. As long as it's warm and moist.
F- ThurDSay sucks because my wifi is broken and I'm suffering form BANNED FROM IRC
I- I don't know who he is but he posted Dan Hibiki giving the bird. I think.
I- Gynecologist Cobra has the best name on Dtoid.
D- A very intresting find on FaceBook, whatever does this mean!?

N- Metal Gear online boxart discovered at Amazon by Akiba
N- Wa-keen posts about a possible Wii F-Zero, Reaprar raises an eyebrow and warns you to not get too excited.
N- Ho shit, HomeStarRunner game staring Strong Bad? Yesplz.
N- Scans of 'Disaster', looks intresting, also looks like No More Heros 2
N- GTA4 Europe bundle to be a PS3 exclusive? Maybe.
N- Mario Kart Wii probably does work with the freeloader, maybe, we don't know, hopefully.
N- Something about GTA4 and 360s, I don't know, I don't read advertisements.
V- Preview of the playstation store.
V- 'Real' mario animated, creepier than creepy
V- Still alive parody, Havent got around to watching it yet.
V- Video Review of Ikaruga.
V- Homestar Runner game, now with video! Strong Bad is so pimp, he wears his pants so low-low.
R- Nopk WALLOFTEXT'S Lost Odyssey
R- So fuckin' hot, jesus christ.
R- I'll ninja YOUR gaiden.
T- DVL rants about MGS2, escapes Fail marking by skin of his teeth
T- Evil chad's top five game moments
T- EDS sucks at Ikaruga, I however, am a god.
T- Does gaming haz an place in edumacationz
T- Fanboys something something FFVII I don't know. Breasts.
T- The Ghost makes an audio blog on Ikaruga, possibly overated? I don't know I didn't listen to it.

A- Holy shit this is fucking awesome, holy shit, I came.
F- Some film, I don't know, NamelessTed sucks.
S- Yes, you can haz new pc
S- Awesome shirt is awesome
S- Iolaus shows you his pokemans.

L- I know this isn't supposed to be funny, but that guy looks JUST like necros, it's his twin.
L- I wanted to facepalm, but I lol'd, sadly.
L- ChessMaster LIVE! is for pimps.
L- Penis controlled sex game, BEST. GAME. EVER.
L- Commish has no friends.
R- Paying for xbox live sucks
R- Mario Kart Wii discounted and nabbed before release.
R- Balth has a podcast?
R- Necros will stamp down apon this blog with great fury.
R- Mecha Jessu/ZeroTolo have some radio show.
R- GuitarAtomic Responds to 'Ask a black dude', with his take on such, I dub thy 'voice of reason'.
C- Luc asks about 2D PS1 games, Reaprar inserts him into the "Could be better" section to dodge flames.
C- System Reactor attempts to rant about region locking but doesn't really put up a valid arguement for either side, pretty much falls flat on his face, says I.
?- Ninja gaiden for college kids? I don't know what this is about.
?- Something about moby and his album, I don't know, I don't like moby so I didn't raed it.
?- Don't know what this is.
?- Sorry I don't speak weeaboo.

S- Repost AND front paged, fail.
S- About five million years late on that.
S- Reposted Homstar Runner Wiiware.
S- You're about a year late on being 'The voice of reason' here.
S- O G, I HURD DAT GFW CROSED DLOWN. Yesterday's news.
F- PanzerDrako continues to post, this fail is something about hacking psps, too bad he doesn't tell us anything about it.
F- No. You can not haz friends.
F- This belongs in the FORUMS. Where I'm pretty sure there's a post about it ALREADY.
F- Swing and a miss, my friend.
F- F-O-R-U-M-S.
F- This was supposed to be funny? More like FAIL.
F- I'm assuming troll.
F- 'Meplaygames' sucks at COD4, no one cares.
F- Why havent you banned this guy yet Hamz? I smell conspiracy.

And here's your post-recap entertainment, g'night everybody.

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