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Dragon Ball Z Burst Limit Demo Impressions!


[I like how they made a point to showing "OVAR NINE THOUSAND" scene in there, but maybe that's just me? Also, I think the opening shown here is a liiiiitle different than the intro in the demo, could be wrong on that though.]

First off, holy fucking shit, this game is going to be the ultimate Dragon Ball game, I don't think BanDai can bring out another after everything they're promising here.

I'm asking you all to go download this demo, if you even had a passing likening to the Dragon Ball Z series, I will admit that Dragon Ball has always been a guilty pleasure of mine, but needless to say I got fucking chills down my spine when the opening sequence played, the music is beautiful and matches the series extremely well, the whole look and design of the game is fucking sexy and the graphics are simply the best cel-shaded graphics I've ever seen.

Dragon Ball Z Burst Limits seems to actually out-do the show, we've actually got to a point where cel-shaded anime games look better than the anime they were spawned from.

And not only that, the gameplay is good, Burst Limits (from what I've played in the demo) takes everything the previous Dragon Ball Z games had, throws them all into one and then improves on them ten fold.

Everything feels right, it feels like a 2D and 3D fighter, everything runs fluid, the load times are nearly non-existant (in the 360 version anyway) and I haven't found a single graphical complaint or any kind of glitch, everything is as it should be, and it's just fucking jaw-dropping.

Only possible complaint? Where's all the blood? I don't know about the US and Japanese versions, but over here in the UK Dragon Ball Z was pretty bloody, and in one paticular scene in the demo, Goku gets shot in the chest with a beam that kills him, but his clothes arent even ripped, worse still, is that it's supposed to go right through Raditz and then into Goku, but he isn't even scratched, I find that really odd.. because the previous games depicting that scene atleast showed the clothes tearing and the beam going through.

Regardless, please, even if you don't like Dragon Ball, try this demo, and tell me you arent impressed.

Here's hoping that they keep to giving each character a different moveset, so far with the four shown characters (Goku, Yamcha, Raditz and the SaiybaMen) they all seem to have seperate moves, Some characters can be forgiven for dupe-moves (as the show went on some characters werent exactly.. unique to say the least) but I really hope we get to try out all the different characters and be suprised each time.

Anyway, I'm definetly picking this one up, I need me some more fighters anyway.

[By the way, if you want to download that bitching-ass theme song, it's right here]


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