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Lucasarts: The Last Hurrah?

Lucasarts, once the creator of some of the most awesome point and click type adventure games in the world. Created some awesome star wars games to, some of which were not just good star wars games but good games in their own right. Now re...


I feel like er a soulstorm

No thats not when you eat a shit load of insanely powerful curry, drunk a litre of cheap lager, jump up and down for 5 minutes then do the mother of vomiting spasms whilst crapping your pants. Anyway its Dawn of Wars new expansion, Soulsto...


Right, soo 300 is sort of Feasible?

I have a new respect and admiration for Spearmen in MTW2. Sure they are pretty good at killing cavalry, but I didnt know they were able to out fight really heavy infantry. I was playing my epic campaign against the irish (currently the Iri...


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Fan of WW2 Games in general and the 2 most insanly realistic wargames ever created. Operation Flashpoint (death from ANY distance in less than a second) and WW2 Online (death from ANYWHERE at ANY DISTANCE after running for five miles...

Less of a gamer than I used to be but a big fan still of RPGs and RTS type games. Less so FPS games but thats just me.

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