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UK gets no HDMI love. Pt Deux.

Last night I announced that The UK wont be getting a Premium Xbox360 with HDMI for quite some time., so I thought I'd take it into my own hands and talk to the sellers themselves about the projected time frame we will be expecting to reciev...


UK gets no HDMI love.

This morning, I woke up expecting the introduction of not only the 360 elite, but also the 360 premiums with HDMI out. Knowing some of the people who work for the big games companies in the UK (Gamestation & Game) I was on good authori...


Starcraft 2 : More units revealed

Its only good news that in Augusts PC Gamer we will be seeing a full rundown of new Protos units in Starcraft 2, this will include the soul hunter, the phase cannon, the tempest and the Twilight Archon. There will also be a breif gamepla...



A fully functional robot has been created for male pleasure. The robot (pictured above) has at least 9 usable holes, meaning that yourself and your friends could have have a go in turn. Her stomach also has a fully functional LCD ...


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