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Thief II: The Metal Age, How I Love Thee

It's a question I'm asked with staggering frequency:
"What is you favorite video game of all-time?"

I've buried some rather high-profile targets, so it's understandable that people want something to put my taste in perspective. I'm not a gaming snob at all, I assure you. For example, I enjoyed Halo: Reach, and said as much in my video review. I'm not somehow 'above' popular video games, but I dislike being condescended to by some pimply-faced game designer who likely got his degree in communications or some shit before haplessly stumbling into his position due to a personal contact. This is why I tend to prefer the stealth genre. Even the most commercial examples of it are based around the idea of outwitting and outflanking your opponents in a method decidedly more strategic than simply calling in a Call of Duty-style nuclear strike.

Stealth, as a genre, is largely deceased at the moment. A function of the rapidly-descending levels of originality in gaming as a whole, I suspect. Aside from the odd Metal Gear Solid or Splinter Cell sequel, (and really, who considers Conviction an actual stealth game?) you're unlikely to sneak your way through the newest multi-million-dollar gaming blockbuster. Which is a bit of a misstep, frankly. The innate appeal of subterfuge isn't exclusive to the 'PC Master Race'. It's an easily-relatable concept. One which is embodied in a vastly underrated PC title from 2000: (and my favorite video game of all time) Thief II: The Metal Age.

What follows is my video review.

As a bit of an aside, if you're looking to take a journey into the world of Thief, and you're running it on a modern machine, you'll likely have a degree of difficulty getting it to run. These games are notorious for having issues on Vista and Windows 7. Never fear, however! The outstandingly dedicated Thief community has created a patch called DDFix for all games that use the Dark Engine. (Thief 1, Gold, 2, and System Shock 2) By extracting this patch into your game folder, it should run like a dream (and even support higher resolutions than the original game was supposed to be capable of).

Happy taffing, Rageaholics!

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