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Marvel vs. Capcom 3... and Why it Bites

To preface the video review I made earlier this week, allow me to first state that I'm a big-time fighting game fan. Marvel vs. Capcom isn't one of my favorites, (a bit too much spam for my taste) but I can still sit down, turn my brain off, and have a good bit of fun with the first two Marvel / Capcom outings.

This review is not meant to troll - despite its admittedly pugnacious title - it's my honest opinions of a game that I feel is a quantifiable disappointment. So, without further delay, my video review of MVC3:

These issues aren't even the main concern: The new X Factor system compounds the already amateurish proceedings by, yet again, rewarding players that play poorly with devastating maneuvers. And the counter-argument is often made, "Yes, but the X Factor is only really useful when you have your meter charged up all the way!" Okay... so the more a player gets the ever-loving crap kicked out of them... the higher the reward? How does this in any way argue for the presence of the preposterously-broken X Factor system? It goes back to the point I make in the video about the Ultra Combo system from Street Fighter 4.

If Capcom had made Super Combos significantly more powerful than Ultras, I would have no problem with them at all. But, as the name readily suggests, the Ultra is the 'ultimate'. It can turn the tide of battle. The only problem is that you earn said Ultra Combos by playing poorly. The same principal is at play with the X Factor.

It's a shame that Capcom is such an insular, self-absorbed company that this game made it to release as-is, despite a vocal backlash against the X Factor. Perhaps that's why so many Capcom games have drawn my ire over the years. More than any other developer/publisher I can name... Capcom is the one who sees the dissent, acknowledges that it's there... and then tells their fans to shut up and buy the game anyways.

...and the fans do it! Like lemmings to the cliff, they head to their local retailer and drop 60 bucks for this embodiment of unyielding mediocrity. I've said my piece.

Until next time,

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