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DX: Human Revolution Review - The Rageaholic

I have a confession to make, Eidos Montréal.
I doubted you.
Oh, sure, the pedigree of many of the people who were working on Deus Ex - lots of Ubisoft castaways who had worked on Assassin's Creed and Rainbow Six - was certainly impressive. I didn't doubt your game design credentials. But let's be real, here: This is a sequel to Deus Ex! Not only was it Game of the Year in 2000, it's since become one of the most influential FPS/RPG hybrids of all time. In my mind, only Thief: The Dark Project and System Shock 2 can toot their figurative horn quite as loudly.

It's the video game equivalent of trying to film a sequel to Citizen Kane.

But you pulled it off. Not perfectly, but in candor, the original was far from perfect. You even managed to improve things from the first two games! Even as optimistic as I am about the series (Yes, I'm one of the five people on the planet who thinks Invisible War was a worthy sequel) I legitimately felt you had an impossible task ahead of you. Even Ion Storm couldn't match the appeal of the original when they released the second game in 2003.

Without further delay, here is my video review:
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