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My Blog today is regarding a very very useful web site known as Video Game Jam. If you’re like me and you play Guitar and/or Bass and you also love Video Game music then this is the site for you because Video Game Jam is a site dedicat...


Any Relation To Mr Destructiod :D

I was watching Police Story last night when i seen some really hi-tech equipment that looks very similar to Mr Destructoid, I wonder if they are any relation to him. :D



Just thought I'd write a post about the NAOMI arcade machine that's in my local independent games store, at this point in time we have Capcom VS SNK in it but are hoping to get Marvel VS Capcom 2 for it because we believe more people would ...


OOFT!! I never heard about this before.

Jack Thompson's past has shocked me i was looking for a picture of the new Christ on Google and i decided to visit the Wikipedia page about him, i was a tad shocked by this bit, In sending documents to opponents, Thompson would frequently ...


God Told me to do it...

Well God said to me "You suck. Start a blog. ..." so I thought I might as well seeing as he's God, problem is what do I talk about, do I talk about World Of Warcraft and How sick I am of grinding rep :D, do I talk about my love for 2D beat...


About Raymodone of us since 3:04 PM on 01.19.2007

Ok I'm Raymond Thomas Smith A.K.A. The 'MOD (which was created due to a friend forgetting to put the N in Raymond).
I reside in a small town near Glasgow in SCOTLAND which has an awesome independent Video Games shop named GAMES CENTRE where i hang about when i have nothing better to do.
I work for ASDA which is the U.K.'s very own WALMART (well it is actually WALMART).
ANYWAY!!! i have a decent collection of gaming STUFF spanning from the mid 80's to current day.

When it comes to the question of what my favorite games are i find it really hard to come up with an answer cos off the top of my head I'd say Secret of mana but then The Legend Of Zelda Link to the past comes to mind, so i then just give up with the question and just say i like all games even the rubbish ones cos they make the good ones good.
I really enjoy retro scrolling shoot 'em ups like Raiden and Gradius. Ha Ha! Pockey and Rocky just popped into my head there, i think I'll have a shot of that after this.

OH! and i LOVE Street fighter games and wish CAPCOM would actually make a NEW one with a story mode and NEW sprites.

I'm also a fan of Movies, most of my fave' movies are from a little known Director by the name of John Carpenter. :D
anyway if you wanna see how much of an ugly fud i am you can check me out at

And for all you UK Gamers out there buy your games Online from