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new wave grit #punktoid. i play this one at every house party and make my friends toast to all of our deceased homies.


I don't want this #punktoid trend to ever die. One of my favorite tracks from the only band that matters


Holy shit guys, I've been a member of Dtoid for two full years today! Shoutouts to everyone here, you are all the best weird-ass family ever!!!!!


Feeling like some Good Vibes hip-hop today. If you're feeling down let Chance pick you up.


Is anyone playing the For Honor beta? Downloading the PS4 version now. I haven't followed its development much, so I'm hoping it's secretly the large scale Bushido Blade I've always wanted.


My personal game of the year list went live earlier today. I hope you all enjoy my thoughts about 2016's crop of games (and can also read past a sentence where I use the plural of idiots to refer to, you know, multiple people!!) Happy almost new year too!


Hope you all have a good-ass holiday season!


Happy Thanksgiving, Dtoid. Stay weird <3


this one's for everyone out there feeling mad anxious going into the weekend


Skateboarding lost one of its superheroes yesterday. Dylan was a legend. His skating was powerful and a masterclass in style. Watch this footage.


today's friday slam jam. have a great weekend everyone


SMT IV Apocalypse is real good so far. I remember loving its original announcement trailer since it had a much punkier vibe than the base SMT IV. Two hours in, and I'm happy to report that it seems to be headed in the direction I hoped.


Sending some major Friday vibes to everyone.


Playing Wind Waker for the First Time right now. AMA


You can --and should, please!!-- read my blog about 'Virginia' and its weird, filmic take on the detective game. (https://www.destructoid.com/blogs/wutangclam/virginia-emulates-detective-fiction-with-cinematic-flair-382636.phtml#post)


things I wish i could afford, vol. infinity (http://jeremyklein.com/collections/frontpage/products/assorted-tetsuo-hand-painted-background-8-25-board)


Dedicating this one to everyone out there who is having a shitty day/week/month. Still one of the Greatest Hip-hop Jams of all time.


sorry guys this is the new face of wutangclam


I forget who posted this book the other week (sorry!) but I loved the cover so much I ordered it. Hopefully the book is as good as the art


Stop what you're doing and appreciate the phallic majesty of No Man's Sky (http://dicksofnomanssky.tumblr.com/)


help guys i have writer's block and i can't get up


Dedicating this jam to everyone of you here on Dtoid out there struggling to get by and dealing with life being one tough bastard. Keep on keeping on


Thought I was being really smart by writing out my long-ass recap post for tomorrow in advance. Lost it all. Enjoy your Friday, Dtoid, I'm gonna get back to work


One of the most interesting and deftly written books I've ever had the pleasure of reading. A prime example of post-modern lit without the pretension usually associated with the word. Also, a fucking chapter written in powerpoint. Read this book


Pray for me. I need to scrounge up a few extra bucks to pay for my car repairs. Being broke sucks


Dunno if you all have been getting down with Stranger Things, but if you have, I'd invite you to read this little ditty I wrote about it's best damn character. (i'll drop the link in the comments because damn am I struggling to post it here)


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