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Crazy games are crazy


"Hot Anime Nazi Chicks Coming To PS2/PSP"

Now, this is a game that to me looks like it could possibly be another exciting romp through an acid trip. I am of course currently still coming down from the high that is "Earth Defense Force 2017" which I just played yesterday. I am just upset that it doesn't seem to cross the minds of people in countries besides Japan to try and invent ridiculous ideas like this in their games.

Instead of having a dark, brooding antihero...Why not a giant technicolor scorpion that shoots cake from it's eyes and does the macarena? I mean, just look at the success Katamari had over here in the states. Just take a step back from being so serious all the time and stop making me pay obscene amounts of money to procure games like this as they are not released here in the states.

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