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Of all the games for it to glitch out and display as my most played of course it's fucking Rogue Warrior.


Got this new controller and would like your guy's opinions on whether I should reverse the change I made to it (see comments).


20 years ago the GameCube launched in NA. I got one for Christmas that year and loved it. So many great games like Melee, Wind Waker, and Metroid Prime. My library is decent but it's missing lots of important stuff. Shame it's so expensive to collect for.


Played this with my housemate for a couple hours to celebrate 20 years. Still holds up.


This is my fault. If I didn't feed him from the table this wouldn't happen. This is entirely my fault. #caturday


I love that the subtitles have the correct font. They didn't have to do that but it makes the video way better.


Should I replace my amateurish R in a TV avatar with a picture of Spazz Maticus from Heroes of Might and Magic 4? (Yes that is his real name and yes this is official art)


Well my game shelf is a war zone now. The Xbox games have started their invasion of Polan-I mean the Wii shelf and there's basically nothing I can do. I tried appeasement but that didn't work. The Wii U games had to be evacuated for their own safety.


Remember that no matter what happens on this unholy Godless holiday, Jesus still loves you and wants you in his butt.


I've been looking forward to this vid for a couple months and so far it was worth it. I've had about five good belly laughs in the first 20 minutes. If you find cringey edge lord writing funny then this is your jam, jelly, or off-white jelly (mayonnaise).


Just watched Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 and it's a masterpiece. They knew the original is a nearly perfect horror film and so it goes full comedy instead. The result is the best black comedy I've ever seen. Highly recommended.


Finally getting around to watching Extreme Ghostbusters and it's way better than I expected. It's shockingly dark and really leans into the grotesque and body horror for its monsters. Also there's a cenobite episode.


You know I probably wouldn't keep running out of this so often if I didn't randomly eat spoonfuls of it multiple times a day.


Had a great time at the arcade. Played a bunch of great games and got some good deals on used games and a DSi because mine is having issues.


Work gave me a bonus just for doing basic things to take care of myself. So that's good. Plus it's cash so it isn't taxed which is even better.


Of course I'm out of command strips. Amazon will deliver more soon. These really are striking in person though.


Which survival horror game should I play for spooky month? It'll be my first time for all but Fatal Frame which I got as a teen and don't remember at all except for something about rope.


Realized after weeks without one that I really didn't need a smartwatch so I sold it and got a vintage watch from the 80s I've wanted since 2013.


I think the EMMIs make Metroid Dread a worse video game. Like, everything else is amazing and then you get stuck on a stupid stealth section with randomized patrol paths.


I got a box from Amazon. Wonder what it could be...


Watching Buffy and eating pizza and dealing with a covetous cat.


Sucks but I have work until 8PM tonight. Gonna stop by the liquor store on the way home and drop $50 on a bottle of nice bourbon to sip while playing Dread. Really make an evening of it. Also I got the amiibo ordered from GameStop.com so I'm pleased.


They're releasing a steel book bluray of Street Fighter and this is the art. Also it comes with a collectible Bison Dollar which basically make it a must have.


I returned my Galaxy Z Fold 3 and got an iPhone 13 Pro Max. I hate Apple but not enough to deal with Android. I thought it would be like going from MacOS to Windows but it's way harder. Also, I'm naming my new phone Big Chungus because it's a chunky boy.


Apparently Metroid Dread has leaked so we need to beware spoilers.


What are your final Smash Ultimate dream characters and predictions? My dream character is either Master Chief or Doom Slayer because a character that uses an FPS arsenal sounds interesting and my prediction is Geno even though I don't really want him.


This was hung on the door of the animators at Toei who did the Sonic CD cutscenes.


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