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Ok so the PS4 Pro, worth it these days? Especially if someone has a 1080p TV. Also, have you experienced any problems with it?


Just beat A Link to the Past for the very first time a few hours ago and yep, I totally get why people love it. I'll leave some more thoughts in the comments.


Jedi Outcast getting announced during the Nintendo Direct was probably the first time I got out of my chair in total disbelief. I still can't believe it..


Really dread getting a haircut, makes me wish I could just look in a mirror and go through the hair options like Fallout 4


Finished up my second level in Mario Maker 2. Only took me 20 years but I did it. Let me know what you think if you decide to give it a go.


For anyone who picked up Ultimate Alliance 3, who were the first 4 characters you picked for your team? I'll post mine in the comments in case people aren't aware of the roster.


Alright, finally uploaded my first level in Mario Maker 2. It's a short one with timed blocks and a boss fight. Let me know how it is if you end up playing it.


I find it funny that the main thing that drove most people away from Arkham Knight, was the Batmobile.


Been replaying the Arkham Trilogy and I'm now up to Arkham Knight. It has to be said again that Arkham Knight is absolutely gorgeous to look at, along with some fantastic quality of life improvements that make this game really fun to play.


I guess one of the pros of having Australian pricing on Steam now is that the big sales don't really affect me as much as they did when I thought they were much cheaper.


On the topic of Wii U again, having played it these last few days, there's just so much I miss about it. The Music for the Menu/eShop/Settings, Dual Screen play, comfy controller, bigger analogs, the Daily Logs, and the thing I miss the most, Miiverse.


Just completed Twilight Princess for the first time. Absolutely loved it, minor gripes aside. Avoiding this game for so long was a mistake.


Playing the Wii U these last couple of days has just reaffirmed what I've always thought about it which is that it's an amazing system.


Today I'm about to play a game I have avoided for about 11 years, The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. Heard so many mixed things about it from "This is best Zelda" to "This is worst Zelda" and I can't avoid it anymore, I just have to know.


Quick question, As someone who really enjoyed The Witcher 3, is The Witcher 2 worth a playthrough? or is it different?


Watching those reaction videos from the Nintendo NY store is always so heartwarming to see. There's no greater feeling than seeing people happy and excited.


I have to share this because it's unbelievable how great the animation is. It's from TWRP's new music video and wow, the music and video itself is brilliant.


I think at the end of the day, the thing I love most about Rage 2 is definitely it's realism.


Game Store Worker after I purchase a game: Enjoy your game! - Me, an idiot: Thanks, you too. Every damn time.


I was pretty excited to see Cytus Alpha heading to the Switch since I really love Voez, but I booted up Cytus on my phone to get a feel of how it plays and I dunno...my brain can't seem to make sense of it. Is this a normal feeling for Cytus?


Extra salt on the wound for me is that Borderlands 2 got a port for the Vita, but still nothing on Switch, not even the first game. Seems like a missed opportunity to me.


I've died so many times on this Sekiro boss, that the Dragonrot system just gave up telling me.


If there's one thing I like about Sekiro's 'Take half my money when I die' feature, it's that even after countless deaths, I'll still always have 1 money, and that's something they'll never be able to take away from me.


As most of us eagerly wait for the Borderlands 3 reveal, I remember about 2 years ago Gearbox showed off a tech demo of sorts showcasing some stuff that might be used in the game. Not a lot is shown, but it gives you an idea of what it might look like.


In regards to Qtoid being a bit buggy, I noticed that if you hit the little Chain link icon near the date of your post, you can see the comments.


Sekiro is looking pretty neat, huh? This will be my first From Software game where I get to experience it on day 1 with the rest of the community. Pretty excited about that, maybe more so than the game itself.


I think if Game Freak can still make a lot of money off of these types of Pokemon games, they won't drastically change the formula into something new and fresh which is a real shame.


In 1 day, we're all about to experience what life will be like after Kingdom Hearts 3's release. I'm still convinced this is all a trick and the game never really existed in the first place, but nonetheless I will enjoy the moment.


One more since that's all they've released so far. The bit at the start has a very Elder Scrolls feel which I love.


Just wanted to share some beautiful music from Hytale.


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