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The Future - Episodic Games

1st off I'd like to thank Rev for giving us these Monthly Musings, i'm sure it must be hard to come up with valid topics each month and you have not disappointed yet. They are such a great platform for discussion about gaming's intricacies ...


About Rancorone of us since 11:19 AM on 02.17.2007

Hello Dtoid; I've been here since just after our robot master made it to E3 the 1st time. . . don't usually have time to post much, though hopefully that will change. I've been playing since the ye' olde atari 2600 and have had pretty much every console since. I was mostly a nintendo boy, most of my friends had the inferior sega product offering at the time ;P I did get a saturn and a dreamcast though (and a Nomad so i guess that covers most of everything). I believe games have, at their core, the ability to give a shared experience like no other medium. Just like painting, sculpture, music, and movies give us the ability to analyze the human condition in a variety of situations and through a variety of senses, games bring it all together to allow us to understand our own condition in any situation.

A little bit about myself; I am 30, married, and I live in beautiful San Luis Potosí, Mexico. Been a gamer my whole life and not just of the vidya variety. I play board games, card games, tabletop mini games (<3 me some 40k). I love reading, so much so that i can't buy a good book lest it cut into my work habits. Speaking of which I am a plant manager and entrepreneur, I part own and help run a medium size manufacturing plant here in Mexico. We specialize in metal stamping and mold design so if anyone wants or needs some cheap, high quality merchandising, feel free to hit us up at Promaq.mx and we'll see what we can do for you.

Anyways my passion has always been art, as such I actually graduated as a 3d Animator from San Antonio, Tx. I guess it also makes me a freelance artist/web designer but that has taken a bit of a back seat to my own projects (like most gamers i have a passion for actual game and system design) and i will hopefully be launching my 1st indie game some time soon.


I'm pretty much a side-scrolling Fiend, such that if its a megaman, castlevania, metroid, gradius, r-type, hell even kirby and mario I'm pretty much sold from the get go. Loves me some Are Pee Gees too, although it has to be quite exceptional for me to really get into it, and by far my fav was a little known/ under-appreciated title called Panzer Dragoon Saga.

I'm also a handheld gaming junkie, since i first beheld the green and olive bleeps and bloops of tetris, hell i even bought a pspgo (a purchase im still debating as valid or not, although playing Monster Hunter Unite on my big screen while sitting on my couch on a ps3 control is quite nice ;).

Games I love (in no particular order)

Metroids (Still hoping for a proper remake/re-release of 2)
Megamans (I beleive the zero series to be pure, beautiful poetry made level design)
Castlevanias (OoE ROCKED, playing the psp remake of rondo right now)
Dark Clouds
Xeno whatevers. . .
Chrono peoples. . .
Zeldas/Okamis/Secret of Manas/Kingdom Heartses et all
FFs7, 9, tactics, disgaea (wtf /\ does nothing!?!?! j/k Jim :P)
Street fighters (I can haz moar sf3 chars in 4 kthxbye)
Assassins Creeds
Bioshock (any -shock related game, tbh)
Panzer Dragoons
Blizzard games
Modern Warefares (haven't played 2 yet but it will be mine soon)
Demon's Soul's
Monster Hunters
Q-games stuff is awesome so far
Bit.Trip guys too
Valkrye Profile
Valkrye Chronicles
DMC series
Team Ico is brilliant.
more titles TBA (i.e. too many to post now)