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Black Mage keychain eludes me

Colette posted a story about some Chocobo Tales Keychains on Ebay about a week ago. Absolutely enamored with the Black/White Mage one I took a chance on it. I figured at 10$ I can't go wrong even if I don't get the black mage. http://www.d...


Nobuo Uematsu Interview

I'll throw the formalities to the side because you all know who the man is and why you're going to read this interview. 1up has a nice lengthy (10 pages) interview with the man we all know and love.


Goodwill Hunting

After hearing Dyson and his visits to that retro graveyard called Goodwill. I decided pay a visit to a goodwill I discovered nestled away close to where I work on my way home yesterday And while I might not have made out like a bandit. I d...


Lost Odyssey review up

Seeing as how my 360 just went on a 3 month vacation to Texas I sadly wont be picking this title up at day one. and because i don't want to spoil the experience for myself I forbade myself from reading the whole review. So I skipped the me...


Did the internets fail me?

Or have I failed myself? Patapon. Why did nobody on the WWW alert me to this games release overseas? Watch as I scurry to not download it. WATCH AND LAUGH AS I SCURRY NEARLY TWO MONTHS AFTER EVERYBODY ELSE DOES TO NOT DOWNLOAD THE ISO Don...


I'm playing Ur Culdecept Saga,

Weighing in at 620MB and Looking pretty good. I was afraid they would use messy sprites on high-res backgrounds like Disgaea 3. but no. everything here looks and sounds as it should. The cards are drawn well and gameplay is exactly like i r...


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