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New content on JP XBL

Well, at least it is for me. I tend to check it's marketplace every few weeks or so. Logging on today I noticed the following

Xbox originals : Puyopop fever and MAGATAMA

I'm sure everyone is aware of what Puyopop is, but for those of you who have no clue about MAGATAMA (yes, it has to be in caps) from what I dug up it's seems like some kind of Action RPG. If I ever feel like wasting 15$ I'll give it a shot looks half decent.

Both games are accompanied by FREE Gamerpics and themes.

There also looks to be a video up of a new DBZ game called "DBZ Burst Limit" I enjoyed the lil nod to OVER NINETHOUSAND they threw into the OP montage. aside from that MEH ANOTHER FIGHTER.

Also a video for Tales of Vesperia, which i promptly downloaded and FUUUUUUUCK it's beautiful

And last but not least a DEMO for Raiden fighter aces a next gen revival of the classic SHMUP it clocks in at 191MB and im 37%

also a bunch of DLC for Idolmaster, but its not like we can use it anyhows.
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