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Hey there. Those of you who live in London may of heard of Beep!. Beep! happened last Friday and it was awesome (before I got kicked out for encouraging the beatings of scene kids). Me and a few of my friends joined Shirobon (They knew...


Unicorn Kid & Sabrepulse at Barfly in Camden.

Those of you that know your chipset music will probably know of Sabrepulse. He and Unicorn Kid are playing in Camden Town in London at the Barfly on the 28th Octovber which is totally awesome and cool since I live in Camden. Sabrepulse fi...



No. Not really. It was just to catch your attention. You can press the little arrow pointing left now. You're a faggot if you do though. This first post is just a little heads up. It's about me, becuase I love talking about myself. What. S...


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