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A long awaited return. NDS Edition.

So after a long long break from Dtoid, (unwillingly might I add) I've managed to play a crap load of games. And with the return of my internet, I hope to play them online with the Dtoid community in the future.

In this small yet stimulating article, I'm going to short reviews on a few games I've decided were worth mentioning. However, I'm going to mention only the DS games, and I'll post my other platform experiences later. So in no specific order, my reviews;

Legend of Zelda : The Phantom Hourglass -

Now, do I really need to say anything? Despite it's Windwaker-esque visuals, this game blew my mind. The puzzles weren't too challenging, especially with a notepad for a map. The new system for upgrading your items is a great addition to the Zelda experience. Collect 10 Spirit Gems of a certain type and next thing you know I'm stabbing Jellies in the face with my sword consumed in fire. How hardcore is that?
The bosses were a bit repetitious. I mean, the only reason they are beaten is because we've fought them before, in earlier games. Either way the DS added some nice features to it. For example the Bombchus are now steered with a path drawn with your stylus. Very Cool.
I know this game has been released for a few months, but I just recently picked it up and played it, and I must say, it's delicious, and should send any Zelda fan into a frenzy if it hasn't already. 9.0 - 10 For not having an annoying fairy that exclaims "listen!" 24/7

Lifesigns - Surgical Unit -

This game is somewhat like watching a Sitcom, or romantic comedy where the entire premise is to get along with your fellow doctors and interns at the Hospital where your main character Dr.Tendo is studying. For anime fans like myself, it was interesting. Either way, as a game, not very interactive. There is no training, the operations your preform have to be extremely precise, and completely unlike the ones that are made in Trauma Center. You can't cut everything and then use the "healing touch" and jack the patient up with some green liquid to make their lifesigns stabilize. Making this game seem like it is more gear towards adults or older teenagers. Either way, it was fun just playing it for the storyline.
7.9 - 10 For anime chicks almost naked.

Contra 4

Now, I remember as a younger lad, I played Contra 3 for the SNES. Many people would agree, including Maddox (the creator of The Best Page In The Universe and author of The Alphabet of Manliness) would agree that it is a man's game. It is in no way easy. Contra 3 will rattle your mind, and will bring you to beleive that it is unbeatable.
Contra 4 is almost no exception. Having been made slightly easier, and not really adding much to the game (other than a grappling hook) this game is the same. It contains really no other features than the first one did, except now you can change the pallette colours of your character. Either way, the game proved enjoyable for myself. Side-scrolling fans must enjoy this game, or denounce the title of "Side-scrolling fan" altogether. 7.0 - 10 For its' unchanging greatness.

Professor Layton and The Curious Village

This puzzle-injected game was a great experience for me. Not only did i find myself solving riddles in my sleep, but I had a lot of fun sharing them with friends, family members and co-workers. Some puzzle within the game require simple logic, others challenge your math skills. In any case it proved to be a fun game beyond no other puzzle game I've played. The reason is simple. The game has more to it than JUST puzzles. It has a little more meat to it by actually having a story-line, and a few extra features that are not too difficult but certainly add fun to the gameplay. For example, your two protagonists, Prof. Layton and his Sidekick Luke have rooms at the local in that you can furnish with items achieved by solving the puzzles around the town. So look carefully. Either way, I played this game in every spare moment until I finished it. Even if you don't like puzzle games that much, it's sure to grab at least a few hours of your interest.
9.5 - 10 For having Hint coins.

Finally, I'll wrap this up with a BAD review, since I can't be positive for too long, and it really stings my face to smile this much.

Lost In Blue 2

Now, somewhere between having to hold a dumb bitch's hand all the time, and eating seaweed and coconut salad I completely lost interest in this game. Long story short you are in a plane crash and end up with some girl who is completely incompetant (or it's a guy if you chose to play as the girl) and you must eat, drink, and sleep to survive on a tropical island in the middle of nowhere. Sounds like fun, but it progresses way to slowly, and the hunt for food and supplies becomes a repetative task that only your main character can accomplish. Also, if you need the girl for anything, you are forced to hold her hand and walk her everywhere. Sorry, but this just won't do.
4.0 - 10 For reminding me of Gilligan's Island (which counted for 3 of the 4 points)

All reviews in the above mentioned article are not official, they are from my opinion, if you don't agree that's fine. Just don't hate the player, hate the game, most literally and cliche.
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