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About Raidensolidone of us since 12:25 AM on 08.28.2007

Well, I enjoy the MGS series, Kingdomhearts series, Final Fantasy series (any other series thats epic) Harvest Moon, the classics. I own a PS3, Wii, A Nintendo DS and a pc obviously. I'm not a Sony fanboy, I just dislike Xbox360 because of the RROD. I will get one eventually though.

To brag, I DID beat Psycho Mantis in controller port 1 because I am that godly.

Also, I play Wi-FI PSP games on the crapper :D It helps me concentrate.

5 Things you should know about me.

1. I like flaming people. (No really, if you are on fire, sweet!)
2. I enjoy politics and law, despite those who dwell in these fields.
3. I will always have my PSP and/or Nintendo DS on me. (Especially at work :D)
4. The Dtoid community is the only thing I commit to reading daily.
5. I can't juggle.
PSN I.D= Raidensolid

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