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Hi i`m not sharing any personal info but i will put things about my PSN I.D and stuff relating to that subject.

I am in 4th grade and live in Texas, Summer break just ended so i`m a little rusty on my subjects like writing,reading,math etc.
I have just recently joined Destructoid and i haven`t been doing to well as you can tell( i pretty much suck so i hope refreshing my writing/reading skills will
improve my "problems" on Destructoid ).

If you ever want to tell me something just send a message to revolversnake on PSN ( i may not respond for a day or 2 just letting you know ).you can find me playing Rainbow six #1, Skate online, LBP, Fallout 3 and Motor storm ( On PSP ) MGO+ and Star wars Battlefront Renegade Squadron( online name THE-ACE-OF-DEATH-BOY )
I cant get on the PS3 until at least 3:15 cause i will be at school( that would be the best time to massage me ).

My Friends at the moment are manta and Qraze