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About Raggy Mopone of us since 2:59 PM on 12.10.2007

I am a British boy and I am currently 18 years of age.

My first console was my trusty grey Game Boy although before that I spent A LOT of time playing Amiga. My gaming life really started when I got a Nintendo 64 for christmas one year (with Pokemon Snap and DK64) and after that the Gamecube (which I still love despite what anyone says!).

I am basically into retro games, not least because I can rarely afford new games. Currently hooked up to my telly is an NES, a PS2, a Dreamcast and a Wii.

Currently sometimes playing!:
-Flower, Sun and Rain
-Mother 3
-Jet Set Radio
-Animal Crossing: Let's Go To The City

My favourite games may be (excluding the obvious):
-Digger T. Rock!
-Street Gangs
-Wave Race
-No More Heroes
-Mother 2
-Mother 3
-Shadow Warriors
-Batman (NES)
-Donkey Kong '94
-Conker's BFD
-Parasol Stars
-I'm going on a bit now...

I'll shh now =]