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Whacha think I should do with this (not quite) personal space?

I've been looking at this tiny little blog from time to time, and lately, I've been thining...WHAT THE HELL AM I SUPPOSED TO DO WITH IT?

Not that I don't know how a blog works...I got tons of them. It's the layout I'm talking about. It's too damn simple: I like to be shocked with myself, and then I get this: a hugely white page...with a Dtoid header (the only pretty thing here)...this is so not me, man!

So, I started thinking "What should I do to makeit better?". Then it hit me:make a post, jackass! A post asking people what they think that this place should/could have....something nice...not only on the looks, but on the usefulness side to...catch my drift?

So tell me? What do you think I should do with this place (CAUTION: funny jokes like "Delete It" won't be read..I guarantee!)?
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About Rafael Arbuluone of us since 5:42 PM on 10.17.2008

My name's Rafael Arbulu, and I'm MSN Games editor (the brazilian version, that is).

Don't like to talk about Rafael Arbulu that much, and pretty much everytime I do talk about Rafael Arbulu, I end up having a hard time.
I'm...errr....22 years old, live in Sao Paulo, Brazil, love RPG games, some sports games, a lot of action games...I just don't like soccer, basketball, football, and other "ball" games...to me, they're all the same thing. Give me races, or anything similar, and we're gonna have some good gaming time.

Besides gaming, I (try to) watch a lot of anime, (try to) read a lot of manga...
I do love...collector's edition games, mangas, animes, action figures (related to anime and gaming, of course).

I'm kind of married...and...that's pretty much it. Any questions, just hit me up. When I get a chance to, I'll answer for sure.