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Oh dear! My list of Do Wants will leave me in overwhelming debt...

I know, I know...I don't have to buy a game the second it comes out. Neither does it have to be a Collector's Edition of some sort, but hey, that's my weakness: I gotta have them goodies, and I gotta have them fast! I just went through a quick research on the internet, and a single dollar, here in Brazil, is hitting R$ 2,00 (that's "dois reais", if you're wondering how to pronounce it...).
Why do I say that kind of crap? Simple: Brazil doesn't have a gaming culture, as you all are probably aware of it. Since things here work this way, of course videogames and their titles here would be expensive, because they're coming into the country on a imports basis. Let's just say I'm screwed before I even do anything...
I want Mirror's Edge. I want Dead Space. I want Bayonetta. I want Street Fighter IV. I want Mortal Kombat versus DC Universe. I want Resident Evil 5. I want The Conduit. The entire Fabula Nova Crystallis (and especifically Final Fantasy XIII both on PS3 and Xbox 360).
That all, and some other titles that my mind fails to remember right now, should be labeled as "pricey", at least. Of course, I'm talking titles that will come out between next month and the first six months of 2009, but as I said, I gotta have'em. That said, I will blow myself up in the bank, because they will call me about three times a day, reminding me of my money issue...mafia-style.
A PS3 game, in the US, costs...what? 80 bucks? Something close to that? That would be R$ 160,00 (again: you pronounce it "cento e sessenta reais") on brazilian retailers but wait! The retailers doesn't simply change US$ to R$: they charge us for their expenses, like mailing,, they want to get something for themselves, like every other store! Long story short, a game like....errr...Resident Evil 5 wouldn't be allowed to leave the store unless you pay at least R$ 300,00 for it (I don't think you care about it, but once more I help ya: you say "trezentos reais") and trust me: that's a ****load of money, for one game...

So...I'll be in trouble or what?
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