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I hate you! I %¨#¨BE%%# hate you all!

Life is so unfair! I know I should be a patriot, love my motherland and all that...it's just that...sometimes it gets hard to keep at it, you know?
I'm saying this because I love contests. You know...that kind of "fill the form, enter the RSS feed and win stuff" kind of contest. And when I get to the form page, lose five minutes of my hard living life filling it...I click on the terms and rules of the contest, which usually says "This contest is open to all US citizens who reside in US Territory..." or something like that.
Why, I ask thee, why? Why can't you just send over Swags to Brazil? Don't you know how people buy PS3/Xbox 360 stuff here? WE IMPORT THEM! We do that because buying from a brazilian retailer is too pricey, and we can save about 50 bucks, maybe 100, if we bring them from the outside for ourselves.
Awww...I saw this contest of winning a PS3...wanted to join, but US outsiders weren't allowed...of course I already have one, but hey...it's called "making profits": if you got more than one, sell it...

Can any light of heaven shine my way? Pu-leeeeease?
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My name's Rafael Arbulu, and I'm MSN Games editor (the brazilian version, that is).

Don't like to talk about Rafael Arbulu that much, and pretty much everytime I do talk about Rafael Arbulu, I end up having a hard time.
I'm...errr....22 years old, live in Sao Paulo, Brazil, love RPG games, some sports games, a lot of action games...I just don't like soccer, basketball, football, and other "ball" games...to me, they're all the same thing. Give me races, or anything similar, and we're gonna have some good gaming time.

Besides gaming, I (try to) watch a lot of anime, (try to) read a lot of manga...
I do love...collector's edition games, mangas, animes, action figures (related to anime and gaming, of course).

I'm kind of married...and...that's pretty much it. Any questions, just hit me up. When I get a chance to, I'll answer for sure.