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Movie Blog: Why The Dark Knight Rises is Broken.

I know this is a game website, but I've seen movie blog posts before so, here's one of mine. Besides gamer culture and nerd culture go side-by-side anyway. Who here isn't interested in Batman? Anyway, suffice it to say this blog post has ...


On the Monomyth of Tamriel

Some notes on the varying versions of Tamriel's monomyth and an attempt to unify the disparate mythologies. Probably not worth reading, if you're not an Elder Scrolls fan. Information on the Monomyth can be found here: http://www.imperial-...


The Slow Death of Nintendo

Back before Nintendo's Press Conference at E3, quite a few analysts and so-called 'industry veterans' did what all analysts and industry veterans do before an E3 Press Conference: They 'analyzed' the shit out of Nintendo, and attempted to...


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Hi! Erm... wel lesee, I've been a 'gamer' all my life really. When I was a toddler I used to play Atari, my earliest 'favorite' game was Centipede. Since then I've played most noticeable games for all the noticeable consoles. Like pretty much everything, though modern FPS games tend to rub me the wrong way. The two most influential games I've played are probably Final Fantasy VII and Deus Ex. I neither subscribe to any real favorite between genre, consoles or PCs. Games are games regardless of what you play them on. I believes games peaked around 1997 - 1999; a period which included a lot of 'best game evah!' candidates, and entries which are usually considered the best in their respective series: FFVII, Tomb Raider II, Resident Evil 2, Metal Gear Solid, Ocarina of Time, Banjo Kazooie, Goldeneye, Half-Life etc.