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Apparently, Rockstar managed to recover the expired rights for the old radio station songs for GTA 4. Good. There seemed to be a brief kerfuffle with corrupt save files, but that also seems to be fixed as well.


Got a late birthday gift from my buddy. Never played this before, but it looks interesting. It's fair to say that he knows me pretty well :)


I have no doubt that both consoles will be great, but I'm just not buying Sony's claims of "I/O optimization" when comparable or better tech already exists on PC. I'd root for Microsoft, but their "gameplay reveal" was a fucking disaster. Sweet lil' lies.


It's my birfday! I know I can't throw a big party due to obvious reasons and I'm absolutely okay with that, but still.


Kill me or release me parasite, but do not waste my time with talk.


Rayman Origins is one of my "happy place" games, I absolutely LOOOOOOVE IT!


Turns out Mick Gordon's brouhaha is not as simple as it seems, despite his own comments about the situation. It's very easy to blame Bethesda and with good reason, but this time around, there are two sides of the same coin. This sucks for everyone.


I'm kind of obsessed with DiRT 2. I can see how the Xgames aesthetic was a turn off for some, but I kinda love how loud and obnoxious it is, there's a certain sincerity to it buried under all the Monster Energy and Mtn Dew. And it still looks AMAZING.


Today is supposed to be a holiday here, but we're all on quarantine, so... Yay?


The Surge 2 is a LOT of jank, but it somehow clicks with me. It's definitely a Souls-like, but it also has it's own mechanics that I wish more games would use, like dismembering enemies for both weak point exploits AND earning new gear. Very interesting.


Finished Conarium. It's a first-person exploration puzzler with horror elements (AKA walking simulator), it takes lots of inspiration on Lovecraft, especially "At the Mountains of Madness". Spoopy good atmosphere. It's the very definition of "okay".


Close to the Sun is where this game deserves to be. Not only is it a mediocre and shameless BioShock ripoff, but it also runs like absolute garbage and theres even reports of people having atrocious performance with overclocked Core i7 CPUs. Just rubbish.


Tormentor❌Punisher makes me appreciate Doomslayer's muteness.


I definitely could tell that BFG Division 2020 sounded a bit off compared to the original. DoomE's soundtrack is still fantastic regardless, but it's a damn shame that somebody without proper music knowledge messed with Mick's work.


"Do whatever you want with my music. Just don't make it boring." - Freddie Mercury


"Oh, you're approaching me?" - Marauders are absolute assholes.


In my endless struggle to chip down my ever growing backlog, I finished APE OUT last night in a single sitting and I'm thinking about playing the Hard mode. It's incredibly short, but highly replayable and oddly addicting. Such an overlooked, funky gem.


Finished both Lara Croft coop spinoffs with my buddy. I liked them both a lot! Although Temple of Osiris is noticeable easier than Guardian of Light, but still good fun for coop with your buddies. The net code in both was garbage, but we still had a hoot.


Doom 64 on PC is much better than I expected! Can run at 144 FPS and more (!), but I found it to look a bit choppy beyond 120 FPS. Other than that, it's nearly identical to D64EX, save a few minor differences (white cross meds) that can be easily modded.


I have a cold... I just hope it's a regular ass cold and not what I think it is...


Does anyone have any gym-less workout tips or routine recommendations?


Ooookay, got Ori and the Blind Forest (never played it before) and I'm all set for a potential quarintine scenario! *the next evening* Friend: Hey! Want some Steam keys?, Me: Um, sure? *5 mins later* Welp, that sure is a lot of racing!


It's eerily weird to watch a live show without an audience. This almost seems taken from a disaster film, where the host slowly loses his mind trying to entertain people in the middle of a crisis. Seriously though... Stay safe everybody!


Huh, didn't know that Halo Anniversary had remade soundtrack and gun sounds. I'm still unsure whether I like the new soundtrack or not, but those new gun sounds are fucking Godly and I love them. That new sniper sound though...


1080p graphics on old but new hardware? MADNESS! It's a shame that the Amiga didnt really catch on the rest of the world like it did in Europe, it certainly existed in the Americas, but it was a niche, but very capable machine with quite a few cool games.


Sheesh, Xenoblade is kinda hard; I need to pay attention to most same level enemies, especially if they're Mechons and/or it's a group of three. Maybe I can still handle groups of 4, but groups of 5 or more? I just nope the fuck out.


Just arrived to Bionis' Leg and oh my! The music, the visuals... Yeah, good stuff.


I haven't played much lately and if Im in the mood to play something, I simply gravitate towards firing up Dolphin and play F-Zero GX for the umpteenth time. Im thinking about starting Xenoblade Chronicles, never played it before, any tips for a beginner?


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