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Buying a bad game out of hope

Why do I buy bad games?

This is a question I often find bouncing around my head from time to time. And considering that yesterday, on a whim, I went out to my local Gamestop and bought...wait for it...ready...Musashi: Samurai Legend. It was $4.99. No, you're right. I apologize. That doesn't make it right.

The brown outline looks like Musashi has a chinstrap beard. Not bad for a "kid" hero.

Another thing greatly disappointing about Musashi: Samurai Legend is the humor. It's gone. Oh sure, there's this mild attempt to poke fun at things like rescuing princesses and being destined for greatness, but it all falls horribly flat. This is because the game actually thinks it is a serious piece of adventuring. It's not. You have an old cat that can barely speak and is missing an eye as your counselor. He is no Yoda, try as though he might.

So I guess in this case the answer to my previously posed question is: out of hope. I hoped this would have done it for me, that this would have reminded me enough about the good times I had with Brave Fencer Musashi, but alas, it has only made me miss it more.

Ultimately, I should've gone to Quiznos and got a sandwich instead.
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