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Games that need a sequel: Rock Band

Let's face it: This whole "Rock Band is a platform" is the biggest lie in the world. I have no doubt we'll be seeing Rock Band 2 in November of this year. However, Rock Band is awesome, so why does it need a sequel? Well, I'll tell you why...


2007 Games of the Year ExtRANDYganza! Part One

Every year, hundreds of websites, TV shows, and magazines do their "Best of Year" around the December - January timeframe. However, today marks the beginning of an era. Today marks the day that history BEGINS! IT'S RANDY'S FIRST EVER BEST O...


You have once again entered... the Randy Zone

Have you guys ever heard of the show The Twilight Zone? Well, I have. I just got done watching a few episodes when I was visiting with my dad for our Christmas together. He got the whole series on DVD for his present from his wife. When I g...


Closed Minded people: I hate them

I have this group of people that I get on TeamSpeak with and we play games. The only problem is, it seems that they hate every game possible. Whenever I come up with a suggestion on something to play (even if it's free and the only possibl...


Randy - King of Platforms

Often when I discuss video games the word "platform" comes up in some variation. I compare a lot of games to platformers, say a lot of games would be better with platforming elements, and so on. I really love platformers. The adrenaline I ...


***** "...the..." -

This whole Jeff Gerstmann thing isn't going away any time soon, and thus I have decided it would be the perfect time to start a blog. Now, this post isn't as much about Jeff Gerstmann's "departure" so much it is about Eidos's disgusting way...


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