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I'm really starting to hate the Xbox 360... and Glitter.

Tuesday, April 29th: Grand Theft Auto IV for Xbox 360 arrives at my home around one P.M. in the afternoon.

Wednesday, April 30th: At around two A.M., my Xbox 360 red rings. This is after I states to all my subscribers that I would be reviewing the game for my YouTube Channel. While looking around for a taxi in Liberty City, my game freezes. I'm thinking "Okay, people have had this problem." I hit the power button on and the red rings of death is laughing at me. Laughing at me with it's eyes.

Nearly two weeks of nothingness until one fateful day, the children downstairs made a generous offer that would allow me to use their Xbox 360 while they were at school.

Well, my Xbox 360 box finally got here and I shipped it away. Today, I decided to take a short break from Liberty City since it's been nearly two months since I've been able to play Rock Band drums (due to the crappy Rock Band hardware). So I load up Rock Band and play a few songs. I was on my game. Gold stars everywhere. Suddenly, someone sends me a game invite. I figure "why not!?"

Well I'll tell you why not!

He was playing the drums so I was going to sing. I reach for my microphone. The cord of the microphone was apparently under the cords of the Xbox 360 without me knowing it, so when I lifted it up, the Xbox 360 lifted up slightly. We're talking very slightly. Like, so slightly that I'm going to say slightly three more times.

Slightly, slightly, slightly.

Suddenly I hear this disturbing, scary sounds of a disc that has fallen off of the disc tray. I was quick to act, but sadly, I was too late. The Xbox 360 devoured my Rock Band disc. There is a huge scratch around it, even though it was only off the tray for literally half a second. I think "Maybe it'll still work!"


So why do I love the Xbox 360? Why did I spend over four hundred dollars for it about a year and a half ago? Sure, I've had no problems up until now, but these problems are making me want to kill someone, so therefor, it is technically murdering someone.

And Glitter, starring Mariah Carey, is an aweful movie. I just watched it for the first (and last) time.

Off-topic - None of you people will know what I'm talking about except one person, but whatever. Why haven't you been on? AIM me sometime, woman.
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