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Video Game Baseball : The Japanese way

Now, I am quite aware that many of the D-Toid Readers are not very avid sports fans. Completely understandable. Why play a game of a sport you can just go outside and play, right? Most people will avoid this blog like the plague just becaus...


Official Chrono Trigger DS is Official

Huzzah i say HUZZAH FOR THE MASSES http://kotaku.com/5021416/square-enix-confirms-chrono-trigger-ds Also, i don't care if i completely missed this and i am of course aware that the previous site was up (who wasn't), and now the emp...


Optimus Prime is ready to Save your Keyboard Woe's

It is here! Praise Autobot Jebus! Hell, even i forgot about this beast of a machine, but it seems it's finally here. And suprise, it's already out of stock! I know i would sell my left foot for a keyboard this good, but the problem is,...


Economy in trouble? Gametap to the Rescue!

Now, the news of the American economy in the dump shocked me. Since i live in the land of Canadia, where the rivers are made of beer, and the igloos are always stocked full of hockey gear, we usually don't get news of your Iraq war or y...


1.6 million hits in 12 hours. Please Kill me

I like April Fools. Actually, I like it so much, that is my third damn CBlog today --> 12 so, don't get me wrong, this day kicks ass on so many levels, especially when we have the internet to mess around with even more. So far, "Fox-toid...


New WoW Gameplay Expansion Trailer For Consoles

Sorry, I cannot Hotlink yet, stupid flash New Trailer Here! Click Click or http://www.worldofwarcraft.com/moltencore/ Hot damn. I mean, hot damn. When i saw this trailer, i had to rush to the bathroom. Then i rushed to the sink. ...


Dolphin Franchise Coming to Wii

Nintendo of America has just retained the rights to the popular franchise featuring the lovable Dolphin Ecco, first seen on the Sega Genesis and Sega Mega Drive. A press conference was held at Nintendo of Japan's press quarters, where CEO S...


Amazing! [Also, VG music Alternative Sources]

Sillyness? Check Amazingness? .. First Post? Check I plan to simply use this blog space to throw down some odd and obsecure information, videos, songs, news that normally one wouldn't encounter on the front pages [Hence commun...


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