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The BEST Thing in MMOs to come!

Since the creation of Morrowind, the Elder Scrolls series has been known for it's detailed graphics, it's endless gameplay, and for me, it's nostalgia. However, even after my hundreds, maybe even thousands of hours spent in playing the Elde...


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My name is Gavin Sipes, I play Xbox 360 and despite my name, I am a fan of many different genres of games. I also play WoW but am on a "break." Planning on getting a PlayStation 3 or maybe 4 in November. I love the Elder Scrolls series and am anxiously awaiting the Dawnguard DLC and Elder Scrolls: Online. I am also a fan of Halo and somewhat of Call of Duty. I play on Shu' halo in WoW and will be back online when MoP comes out. Add me on Xbox as "SMDMR" = Suck my DMR