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Ron "MFN" Workman

Hello to all here at the Destructoid community. Gamertag is RODSMACK 10k. I had the privilage of meeting Ron Workman at the Call of Duty 4 / Infinity Ward Comm. Day event in June. So I'm sure to this community I need not say more..lol. All ...


About RODSMACK 10kone of us since 1:17 AM on 07.26.2007

This accurately describes my Co-Host the Munky on Xbl10kclub Zunecasts. Drink Munky Drink!

Don't make the same mistake twice...lol. Maybe give this a try after a long night of partying.

This is for all the married guys.

Here's a clip from the Call of Duty 4: event that Ron Workman and I were able to sneek a peak at. I guess when they were talking about adding "Perks" they weren't kidding...lol. Sorry Grant, Vince, Jason, and Robert...just couldn't help myself.

I received a message from Ron W. that it was about time I brought my lazy ass over his way. Thanks again Ron for the hospitality while we were in L.A. in June, and looking forward to getting some real drinking time in this trip in August. O yeah Ron don't lose your wallet this time...lol. Thanks again Dtoid for listening to my B.S. intro and thanks again Ron for helping support us over at the https://www.xbl10kclub.com, and on that note, I believe this community will apprciate my parting comment:
"Have a take, don't suck, or you will get run"
-Jim Rome

Thanks Ron for giving me a place to vent:) Better watch out bro this could become my "special" personal blog, where I will open the flood gates....lol.