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Hi there,

This is my first time blogging, first time trying to write anything that isn't a tweet really, so please bare with me.

Video games have always been a huge part of my life, some of my earliest memories are of me rushing back home to plonk myself down in front of the small screen big box T.V and begin frantically smashing at the SNES controller in an attempt to knock Bowser out of that hovering clown bowl on Super Mario World or flying around on Starwing trying to get to Venom planet but with no success.

Anyway 20 years (and a lot more gaming experience) later, I have decided to start a new hobby of writing about upcoming game news and writing my own reviews on games I have experienced. My aim is to put content that will be engaging, entertaining and maybe even a little bit educational for some.

Some of my favorite games, and by favorite I mean I was like Usain Bolt sprinting for the menu to tear through the New Game tape just to start the adventure again.

In no particular order: Halo: Combat Evolved, Timesplitters 2, Lord of the Rings - The Two Towers, The Last Of Us, Final Fantasy IX, Pokemon R/B/Y.

If you guys have any tips, good places for discussions, other blogs to check out maybe even your own please let me know.

Thanks for reading

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