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PC Game Review Policies, or: How to Piss and Moan

Obviously this is a current hot topic, and it is just as obvious that some people don't get it. I figured I'd wade in with my thoughts on the matter of PC game reviews. Firstly, it is my most adamant belief that you can only review what ...


Greatest Ninja Dog Ever

I was playing through Ninja Gaiden II for the first time today (that's the 360 #2, not Dark Sword of Chaos on NES) and I get to level 4 which takes place at the statue of liberty. It was at this moment that I had a retro mind fuck as Shado...


Tecmo - Itagaki = Fail

This is getting interestinger and interestinger. So Itagaki (aka GOD) has left Tecmo after they refused to pay his bonus. Now a good chunk of his former team are also leaving for the same reason. As a result, Tecmo's stock price is taki...


GTA drinks the Guinness

This news article got me thinking. Video games, and GTA as the current flagship video game franchise, blow other entertainment media out of the water. As a gamer, I don't really like the GTA series. I think they're buggy pieces of sensa...


A visit to Activision

I went to Activision Australia's office on Monday. It was a good day, all up, aside from some trouble with my knee that kept me distracted. I've finally got my previews online, after some net downtime. Anyone else on the Eastern Coast of ...


Classic Eidos Games on Steam?

I have just sent off an email to Eidos, asking them if they have any plans on releasing the classic Tomb Raider, Legacy of Kain and Soul Reaver games on Steam. If id can get away with re-releasing Wolfenstein 3D and Doom and Quake, then ...


Angry Letter to Activision

Dear Activision, In light of recent events, I have decided to cease my recreational contract with you. Effective immediately, my purchases will no longer pad your bottom line. And I do mean pad. In light of the hissy fit you threw ove...


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I'm a retro junkie. Screw this bump mapped normal mapped anti stropic filtered bloom lighted HDR enhanced 3D model crap, give me sprites, static backgrounds, scrolling screens, slowdown when I shoot up the place a little too much.