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Things that make me go LOL!

So my PC is playing up due to an install that went bad, and due to the fact I didn't have enough room on the HDD to have 8GB sitting there that couldn't be removed, I now need to format.

So out comes the external HDD so I can copy my Steam folder over and not have to download all that crap again (No, I don't have a separate HDD for My Documents and Games. I am buying it next week, having given the old IDE I was using away and relying solely on the shiny new SATA-II until).

While copying that crap over (takes forever mind you, lousy USB transfer speeds) I get a virus warning. Here, let me show you it:

It made me LOL! Especially having just read this article on front page.

I'm not ragging on Luc, but it's still pretty hilarious. I'm pretty sure it's a false alarm. I hope to fuck it is. Maybe he's getting revenge for people pissing on his baby.

Well that baby should have drowned by now, because there were quite a few bladders emptying on to it.

Another thing that made me LOL! recently is my shiny new monitor: An ASUS VW222U. 22" black inches of TF2 Demoman fun.

Now, as you may or may not know, stuck pixels are a pain in the ass. You might not also know that ASUS has a three pixel policy when it comes to stuck and dead pixels.

My new monitor had a nasty red one, just up and right of the centre. I spent hours trying to fix that damn thing the day I got it. First I tried the animated GIFs that can shock the pixel in to changing due to rapid fire flashes of bright colour. Failing that I tried poking it, or massaging it. Failing that I tried holding the pixel in while turning the monitor on and off.

Nothing worked.

The following day, while news came in of a storm raging in New Zealand (I live on the southern coast of New South Wales) and having contacted ASUS and being heartbroken with a retarded, disabled baby, I bit my lip and dried my eyes and kept on playing TF2, picking blue when possible so that shooting at the red team would make it less noticeable.

9:45PM. 2145 hours.


22" of sticky bomb fun!

The wind storm hits Wollongong with a fury. Power goes out over several suburbs.

There is not back up power in my flat. No surge protector on my PC wall socket.

Silence, save for the roaring 100km+ winds, tearing sheet metal from roofs nearby and the crackling of distant trees shedding unwanted limbs.

I put it from my mind as best I can. My DS is still charged, so I play FFIV for a while. Three hours later, the power comes back on.

To the PC I rush, hoping everything is Oll Korrekt.

I turn on the monitor...it's working! The PC checks her hard drives out, making sure no files were damaged and I sit there as the black wallpaper with the little white circle I put there to surround the dead pixel on my screen mocks me.

Except it isn't.

The circle is empty.

Let this be a lesson to you: If you have a stuck pixel, try a power surge or a black out. Maybe both!

If it doesn't fix the problem, it might make it worse, which means you could qualify for ASUS damned three pixel policy.

Mother Nature nurtured my baby and healed my monitor. She makes me LOL!

Update: Just got this in an email.

Speaking of FFIV, I'm also a word nerd who has signed up for a 'word of the day' email from dictionary.com. Today's word is Spoony.

spoony \SPOO-nee\, adjective:

1. Foolish; silly; excessively sentimental.
2. Foolishly or sentimentally in love.

Now you know what Tellah meant when he called Edward a spoony bard. I always thought it was a silly translation because the Japanese had a swear word in there. This word made me LOL!
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