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L4D cheaters never prosper

I just got done with a VS. match and would like to regale you with the outstanding way in which my teammates showed some cheaters "what the fuck was up". It started off as a normal Vs. match. Professor Pew was my teammate along with 2 goo...


Insider Info? maybe

So I just got done with an I.M. chat with a clan buddy of mine. I can't say if this is true or not, but I thought it would be informative to my D-toid bretheren. Keep in mind that my real first name is Tom, not Richard. It's just coincid...


wish them luck.

I have three friends going in the cage tomorrow. (Saturday) They are all my brothers from another mother. I know that this should be a forum post, but I just hope that all my Dtoid brethren can understand my apprehension. I have been tr...


How about a magic trick? (NVGR)

I found this T-shirt over at slashfilm.com in the cool stuff section. It is so full on win that I had to post it. Ya'll can be hatin' for the short post, but this is for the people who might not have seen it had I not posted it. I l...


It's coming right for us!!! (Fey)

This is just a little shout out to all my SW Florida peeps. Good luck tomorrow. The storm doesn't look too bad, but you never really know. I live around Englewood. So that's pretty much where the bitch is gonna hit. When Charlie hit a c...



Alright, here's the sit-rep. My boss is a hardcore Patriots fan. My secretary found this stetson cologne ad with Tom Brady in it. I found a stupid picture of my boss that I would like to photoshop his head over the woman's face on Brady'...


Team Fortress 2 FNF? (360)

If anyones planning on some TF2 tonight on the x-box, post your gamertag please. All the people on my list are still up teh Haloz ass. I'm DYN MINORTHREAT Thanks, RICHARD BLOCKER P.S. I know this is more for the forums but no one goes...


This is how bad my job sucks

ALL ANGLES ARE 4X6X12 w/ 4X4 FLANGE SEE FILLET DETAIL WHERE ADDITIONAL ANGLE IS WELDED TO THE BACK That's the last sentence I just wrote. Thats why I'm constantly F5'ing this site all day. I'm going back to work now.


To Ron Workman

Your penmanship is atrocious. And you dress in the manner of a male prostitute. (Side note- my avatar makes me look fat. Can you do something about that?)


My baby's coming back. (in 5 business days)

I called the Soft last night about my RROD'd box. That annoying automated Maz guy told me it had been fixed and shipped., and to expect it in 5 days. And this corelates perfectly with teh Haloes!!! WOOT! You guys prolly don't care but I w...


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