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Red V.S. Blue... are they doing anything?


This summer will mark the one year anniversary of the final episode of Red V.S. Blue: The Blood Gulch Chronicles, Rooster Teeth Productions’ very successful Halo based machinima series which ran for 100 episodes through 5 seasons. But for the past year the Rooster Teeth guys really have not been doing much. Besides the comics depicting the (fictional) daily lives of the Rooster Teeth office, there has not been much new material coming from the RvB guys. A brief machinima using Shadowrun called 1-800-MAGIC and sporadic RVB Halo3 PSA style shorts, previewing maps, or stating the rules of Griff Ball. They also recently re-implemented The Drunk Talk, a sort of mini blog where they get drunk and all reply to two questions about games and such, and they gave a couple of their community members front page articles that have to do with achievements and some random game topics. Oh and Burnie appeared on the Discovery channel a few weeks ago in a 1 hour special about the history of video games where he talked about machinima.

So with the 1 year anniversary on the horizon I find myself asking “What the hell are they doing?” Checking the website each day yields very little info on future projects, be it Red V.S. Blue or something else.

Personally I was really disappointed when Burnie announced RvB was finishing at 100 episodes, since RvB was and still is one of my favorite things on the internets, and something I looked forward to watching whenever a new episode came out. It would be very sad if Red V.S. Blue does not come back for more seasons with a new story line following the final episode. And with the new Halo 3 maps, items, weapons and vehicles a couple of more seasons, RvB has the opportunity to continue and keep us entertained for longer. Here is hoping they come back.

(Also Thanks to Necros for the Pic)
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