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Where did this come from?

I guess amid the hype of GTA IV, I must have missed seeing the PS store update for this. I remember the days of afterschool care playing command and conquer and C&C red alert being one of the first video games I ever bought. I don't hav...


Potential heartbreak and or death

I'm almost sure I'll be escorted to the forums after posting this blog but too bad, I need to vent. So it's only 3 more hours until GTA is launched, seeing as I live in Australia however I decided to order the uncensored (read: whoreishly ...



Well I know that this isn't my first blog, but I haven't really introduced myself on here yet. I guess you could call me a bit of a lurker, I have been subscribed to the D-toid rss feed for the best part of a year and only recently discove...


Metal Gear Online impressions

Before I get started let me just say that I came straight from playing COD4 to the MGO beta having never played any game from the Metal Gear franchise before. I know that they are two completely different genres but I think it's fair to be ...


Why you gotta cocktease konami?

So this is my first blog, intro etc. After spending the last week trying to sign up for a konami id and finally succeeding and now being able to 'join' the MGO online community... ...who would have guessed another server error would sto...


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