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360 Bound

Its time to make the plunge into another next-gen console. Right now I have a Wii and about 15 games that I love playing by myself or with my kids. We don't play my PS2 as much except to try and finish up GTA:SA and KH2. I would like to finish DGVIII but I have a long way to go. Anyway, I've been pining over a 360 for quite some time. Watching my friends tool around their dashboard, the achievements, online ranking, games, NXE with Netflix. It is time to be a wii-60 house. I have been scrapping together a few bucks here and there and just earned a $300 gift card at work. So, its time to put a big XMAS gift under the tree for me. Oh, yea and for the other 3 people that live here.

I already bought a few games off of Craigslist and used game sales. Plus I have a few trades in the works.

Now its time to find a good bundle out there like the Sam's Club Pro 360 with Guitar Hero 3. I'm sure others will follow with some deals. Time to watch CAG for some more good deals.
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