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What is "Detective Pikachu" about?


The movie is set in the Pokémon Universe as we know it from the games and animated series. In addition to the humans run Pokémon around, are captured, tamed, trained and finally to the Companions of the people. The main character is Tim Goodman (Justice Smith), son of the famous detective Harry Goodman. He also wanted to be a Pokémon coach, but failed.

When his father disappears, Tim comes to Ryme City, where he meets   his father's Pikachu , which was also his detective partner. For some reason, Tim Pikachu's words can be understood (in English, Pikachu is spoken by Ryan Reynolds) - usually people just hear Pokémon say their own name. Hopefully, a secret that will be explained in the film as well. In any case, Pikachu and Tim want to work together to solve the disappearance of Tim's father Harry.

But why is the Pokémon world of "Detective Pikachu" so bleak?

The first Pokémon games came out in the 90's. Those who played the first games, the fans of the first hour, are now grown up, around 30 years old.

In the last few years, as well as the fans, the cult has changed to Pokémon. While the Pokémon world in the franchise has always been bright and colorful, the fan art has become increasingly realistic, sinister and darker.

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