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What's with the hate on Legendary?

"In an age when intelligent, engrossing first person shooters rule the roost, Legendary feels positively ancient." 54% - PC Format "If you like a pain in the ass, this game is good for help you trying to massacre yourself, but if you are a...


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I own a DS, a Wii, a Ps3, a PS1, a PC and an Android Phone. All of them are used for gaming, with the PC getting the most playtime and the PS1 the least. I play for fun rather then for achievements or bragging rights, which may make me a "casual gamer". On the other hand, my pc is a highly up-to-date gaming monolith and a good part of my income is spend on gaming, which may make a "hardcore gamer".

I'm a nostalgic gamer, with fond memories of the 80's and 90's era of gaming. I prefer writing over graphics, strategy over reflexes and emotional climax over spectacular bossfights. In other words, I'm a sentimental old fart. This didn't stop me from enjoying the balls-to-the-wall intensity of Gears of War.

Fallout, Planescape: Torment, Deus Ex and System Shock 2 might be my favorite games of all time, and I consider Portal, No More Heroes and Bioshock to be the best stuff of this gaming generation.

I wish there were more games like Kingdom of Loathing.

Next to gaming, movies are my secondary obsession. I have a huge appreciation for pulp, ranging from 50's monster movies to recent b-horror flicks. My dvd collection is quite extensive and ranges from romantic comedy to mindless action to artistic abstractism.

Just like every internet generation game enthousiast, I'm a great fan of almost everything pop-culture related.

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