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The lazy. It burns.

So I haven't written anything here in long enough that I feel bad about it in a weird, karmic way which means that I struggle with the guilt every day.
In all seriousness, I've been lazy in not updating, not that there are hordes of people out there waiting with baited breath for my next blog post (or maybe they are). On the video games front, I am still playing Just Cause 2 because I like it and also it is HUGE. Now, I know at this point people have heard all about how JC2 is really, really big and they shrug it of and kind are sick of hearing about it, but seriously....IT'S HUGE. It's like it was made specifically for the kind of people who get 100% in every game they play, so they figured they'd screw with them and be like "Well, you CAN get 100% but you'll basically have to cut away your life and family and hole yourself up in your living room for the next DECADE TO DO SO."
Am I going for 100%? Probably not. I want to complete a lot of stuff and maybe go get all the pick up, but I will admit that the game's biggest problem is that it escalates a little too fast and maybe doesn't have as much stuff to do as it should. If you dick around enough, you'll easily get the best weapons and vehicles, and those really aren't even good enough to make things THAT much more exciting. Although it does give you some interesting options.

But enough about that.

Yesterday I tried the demo for Puzzle Chronicles which, for some reason I mistook as being the actual sequel to Puzzle Quest (which it isn't). PROTIP: Puzzle Chronicles is pretty horrible. Ok, maybe not horrible, but not great. It tries very hard to be Puzzle Quest, but the central puzzle gameplay is weak to say the least. Basically you play Tetris only sideways and only with 3-segment pieces and the idea is touch groups of one color brick(any size or shape) with other special symbols of the same color in order to cause damage and charge powers. In other words, it's SORT OF like Puzzle Quest, but not as eloquent or well thought out. And if the gameplay really doesn't grab you, nothing else here will.

Gotta go for now.
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