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Are gamers the new hippie generation? Maybe.....

I was watching a show earlier about the counter-culture phenomenom and saw many similarities between gamers and hippies and some that are pretty far apart as well. Lets dissect!

Reasons why:

#1: Age. Hippies were mainly younger but also didn't have any age restictions. Gamers are mainly younger but also don't have an age restriction.

#2: Drugs make things better. Yes, they do. Hippies have known for thousands of years that drugs like pot and acid can make something awesomely better, not everything though, no amount of drugs can make "the bouncer" good. I have dropped a tab of acid and played "nights into dreams" on the saturn and it was much better, i also dropped a few and played "zone of the enders 2:the 2nd runner, and it was not as you would expect it to be, horrible and hard to see. Its a double-edged sword for a few reasons that i have tried to explain in numerous comments and i just won't try in this one, i wouldn't want to be the cause of your mind blowing up and have that on my conscience.

#3: Music. Music. Music. Hippies have music, games have music. Coincidence? I think not! We have techno music in most of our games. Techno! The only times i want to listen to techno is when i'm eating some beans or dropping some tabs, not when i'm playing PJ eden. These dev's are sending subliminal messages to us and my next reason will help to explain that.

4: The first devs were hippies. Thats right, that guy who made pong with all its crazy visuals was tripping when he came up with the idea, Tim Shaffer, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Steve Wosniack (?) and many more were hippies who lost their mind and came up with the playstation, but the world was not just ready yet and the cost of such a venture was too much for them, they had spent most of their money on high pressure sodium light bulbs to grow high dollar marijuana in-doors. Timothy Leary was against the idea so fuck him.

5: Vietnam. Hippies didn't like the Vietnam war, gamers don't like Vietnam games.

6: Concerts and shows. Hippies had hippie shows like Woodstock, The Last Waltz and so on, gamers have gamer shows like E3, TGS, GDC and so on and so forth.

Reasons why not:

#1: Hippies are dirty, gamers are relatively clean as far as i observed in the wild.

2: The hippie movement and music died out pretty quickly but games and gamers are here to stay. Except Pink Floyd, Pink Floyd is fucking amazing.

#3: Hippies and drugs had a good time and were friendly, games and gamers can be frustrating and piss-on rude.

4: Hippie chicks are whores, gamer chicks aren't godammit. God fucking dammit.

5: Hippies love peace, gamers love war games. You couldn't make that shit up.

6: There has been hippie music, hippie movies, hippie books, hippie art and hippie magazines, but not one hippie game, why? Because hippies and games don't goddam mix well, its like pouring oil on fire expecting to put it out.

And thats all i can think of at the moment. If you can think of any more then please feel free to add to the list. Also, i have never played a game and thought i was a fucking orange. Goddam hippies.

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